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That Tejan-Cole resignation speculation

That Tejan-Cole resignation speculation

In his resignation, Abdul Tejan-Cole, from the ACC has ruffled more than a few feathers around the globe, despite the fact that neither State House nor the ACC have yet to officially comment on the issue or a press release made to the Citizen of Mama Salone. From rumors circulating around various media outlets local and internationally who reckon they are in the know, it is speculated that Tejan-Cole landed himself a job with a grand salary of $20,000 per month with the open Society institute of Soros foundation Network – a debatable figure and unconfirmed, however, not outside of the realm of top brass New York salaries. And yes, if according to gossip he was earning $3,000 or 5,000 per month with the ACC, anybody in their right mind wouldn’t turn down such an opportunity of quadrupling their earnings. As for not being patriotic, how many of the people now attacking Tejan-Cole are patriotic and would return to their country for a meager salary for a job?

Yes, Tejan-Cole took on the job of trying to rescue Sierra Leone from the corrupt despicable citizens/politicians that we have produced and he did a great job fighting tirelessly in the face of tremendous changes, for the good of the nation. However, even a fighter can get ‘punch drunk.’ Tejan-Cole reportedly stated in his resignation letter that “Since last year, I had indicated to management and to the chair of the Advisory Board my desire to relinquish my position as commissioner. For a number of reasons, I continued until present”. That indicates he clearly informed the relevant parties of his intention to quit way before taking the exit – the fact that they did not act upon this and start seeking a replacement, is hardly his fault. However, his resignation letter tells us nothing concrete, and unless president Koroma, the ACC, or Tejan-Cole himself speak up, everything else is pure speculation.

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