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The recent Transparency International (TI) public opinion survey, which found corruption has worsened worldwide over the last two years is causing a stir in Sierra Leone. (Photo: Abdul

Accra, Ghana – Development partners have agreed on the need to support capacity development for civil society organisations (CSOs) in West Africa to enhance their performance. Over 60

The West African Civil Society Institute (WACSI) held the conference today in Accra to reflect upon building financial resources for accelerating positive change in West Africa. In her

The Open Society Initiative of West Africa (OSIWA) say its strategy to develop and implement strong governance institutions, processes and structures that are transparent, accountable, intolerant of impunity

The high level panel discussion on the Rule of Law and Post 2015 Agenda held on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at the UN Secretariat was sponsored by the

Covert conducts of runaway Abdul Tejan Cole and would be Sierra Leone’s Director of Public Prosecution, Glenna Thompson – justifiably - questioned reasons adjoining Anti Corruption’s criminal prosecution

In findings of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), it is confirmed that Edmund Koroma, while acting as NASSIT Director General, flouted procurement laws in carrying out the purchase

Legal counsel for the indicted National Revenue Authority Commissioner General (NRA), Allieu Sesay (in photo), has questioned the 57 count charges put forward by the Anti Corruption Commission

Transparency International, a German-based anti-corruption group known for ordering the countries of the world according to the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist among public officials