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President Maada Bio Where Are You?

President Maada Bio Where Are You?

My honest and patriotic Sierra Leoneans compatriot, as I used to say and I will continue to say it loud and clear that, not because I am currently living with my family in a relatively peaceful country and at the same time I am also a bit satisfied or comfortable, I should forget about your suffering in the country, especially at this trying time that you are facing. I will never forget about you because there is no place like home. Regardless of what type of wealth or education that one may acquire abroad, home is always home. The hard fact is that, at home you have more respect than when you are out of your home particularly when you are a bit well to do.

That is why I would like you to join me in asking our president, President Bio where was he, when enemies of peace, progress and development are trying to make the country ungovernable for him? Just because of their selfish interest, personal grudges and personal vendetta at your own expense and that of your SLPP government in the country.

President Bio, where are you when some of your extremist supporters are allegedly lashing mayhem on their fellow Sierra Leoneans for their political affiliations?  Please my people help me find out. Mr President, the people wants to see you on TV and hear you on radios denouncing the perpetuation of extreme violence that lead to the death of numerous innocent citizens across the nation.

Nearly every couple of weeks or month, there will be allegations against your violent thugs and right wing supporters, continuously intimidating, harassing, looting and killing their brothers and sisters from other tribes or political party.  The recent alleged brutal killing of a 29 years  old man by police and military personnel in one of the villages in mile-91, Tonkolili District is a testament to this fact.

President Bio please do not let the nation descend into political instability. The people are NOT prepared to go back into the era of Foday Sonkoh. Mr President, the people want to hear you speak out particularly against the ongoing violent in the country. Please bring to Justice all those that are mishandling their power and authority.  The notorious thugs that are executing orders from the so called “power form above” to vent their grudges and tribal hatred must also face justice. Failure to hold these violent perpetrators accountable will bring disrepute to your agenda for New Direction.

Countries with uncertain political situation are deemed as major hindrance to direct foreign investment. The ongoing violence will be seen as a signal of political and economic instability, which discourages potential foreign investment. High level corruption and mistrust in institutions, especially judiciary and the magnitude of law and order will not attract direct foreign investment in the country. Honour your campaign promises and put up the required infrastructures to attract quality investor in the country. Make policy provision to enhance adequate skilled workforce and facilities for vocational training.

President Bio please remember your election promises, for instance you said the country is divided and if elected, you will bridge the gap and unify the nation. But now the country seems to be more divided than ever due to the violent behaviours of your extremist thugs and supporters.

You further stated during the election campaign that the former APC government did nothing in the country, as such you will carry out more economic and infrastructural development in the country. But now what the people seems to be experiencing, is a reciprocal syndrome, “do me ah do you”.

For example, what I am hearing form some of the enemies of peace and development both home and abroad saying, especially in the social media is “APC bin don do this n dat,”. Mr President mind you, that was not the social agreement with the people of Sierra Leone. IF APC as a party did anything bad when they were in governance that does not mean that you and your government should also come and do the same ugly things. The people will like to see great difference between your SLPP government and the past APC government, especially in terms of good governance.

Because according to your promise, you will provide good governance than the APC. But IF the violation of the constitution and the killing of opponents which people seemly experiencing is the order of the day, some of the BIG questions that we should start asking ourselves as Sierra Leoneans are: where are we heading to? Are we heading to the Direction of peace and development or we are heading to a New Direction of self-destruction? 

By Alhaji Kamara & Tony Bee, APC Australia PS I & II 

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