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We Neeed A Unifier More Than Ever

We Neeed A Unifier More Than Ever

‘Firmly united, ever we stand; singing thy praise o’ native land. These are the solemn words we keep uttering day in and day out as Sierra Leoneans since we gained our Independence from Great Britain on the 27th of April, 1961.Our national anthem is enveloped with solemn words carefully selected by our predecessors to fully match with our actions that should realistically enhance our cohesiveness and unity which form the bedrock of our country’s prosperity. But after 27 years of self-rule, we still can’t find the required remedy to push us to higher heights and be counted among the civilized nations on the planet.

Once regarded as the Athens of West Africa, the status of our beloved Sierra Leone today is nothing to write home about. As a nation we are heartbroken, rejected, deprived and worst of it all, deeply divided. With rich mineral deposits of global demand and a viable human resource base, we still find ourselves at the bottom of the United Nations human development ladder, execrated by low and poor educational standards.

To summarize our woes, the just concluded 2018 general elections clearly exposed very serious divisions that have engulfed our country which in real terms is a recipe for chaos and backwardness. Politicians on both sides of the political divide [The South East and the North West Divide], simply tried to fan the flame of ethnic cleansing and genocide. The North West Divide which is politically represented by The All People’s Congress(A.P.C) dominated by the country’s largest ethnic group, the Themnes, blatantly accused the Mendes, the dominant tribe of the South East Divide and the nation’s second largest ethnic group of some sort of hate speeches and molestation specifically in the Eastern regional headquarter town of Kenema. A reciprocated action against the Mendes in the Northern Regional headquarter town of Makeni was also reported. This unique political game plan almost developed into unwanted scenarios. Only divine intervention and purposeful minded people on either side averted Rwanda type genocide.

Sincerely speaking, our national politicians today are so power drunk and selfish that they can stop at nothing to attain personal wealth and power even if it means eliminating every Sierra Leonean. What they can never comprehend is the fact that power comes from the Creator and once this fact is destined, no one can change it. The much anticipated runoff results on Wednesday Night put Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio of the opposition S.L.P.P in the driving seat and so automatically the president-elect of the republic of Sierra Leone. It is normal in the world over to see supporters of the winning candidate jubilating but there seems to be more work for our new president than earlier thought; president Bio has to be a pure unifier more than ever before. The election has come and gone but there is an uneasy calm on the faces of many Sierra Leoneans. We should not take this for granted. My first advice is that the president should put our country first as he has demonstrated it on many occasions as a young patriotic army cadet in the 90s.Revenge politics should not be a priority as this may seriously hamper his dream of making Sierra Leone a better and unified nation admired by all irrespective of tribe, region or political affiliation. Regional development should be even and a real portrait as ‘Father of the Nation’ has to be felt by all. With all the above points wisely adhered to, our darling Sierra Leone will be restored back to its lost glory and posterity will judge our president judiciously as a real beacon of hope, much to the admiration of his detractors.

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