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National Grand Coalition Life Expectancy like an Ant?

National Grand Coalition Life Expectancy like an Ant?

Regardless of the fact that the National Grand Coalition (NGC) UINTED WE STAND WE STAND UNITED ideology seem to be spreading like a bush fire across the corners of the country, political pundits consisting of veteran politicians, political analysts and commentators are comparing the life expectancy of the NGC to that of an ant which could also be interpreted as a political party that will vanish the political stages after the 2018 elections. (Photo: l-r NGC Leader, Dr.Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella and Aspiring Councilor from Samu, Momoh Mange Yillah)

According to political pundits, KKY and his NGC will be unable to stand the political test of times under the All People’s Congress Party (APC) and the main opposition Sierra Leone people’s Party (SLPP)  in the event any of the two energies as winner in the 2018 pools.

Another cogent point raised by those analysts is that the APC and SLPP are renowned for tempting pillars or corner stones of smaller political parties with lucrative appointments simply because a hungry man is an angry man for which the NGC will be no exception.

Coming from another angle, in an event the NGC happens to force a runoff and pitch tent with any of the two big political parties to form a government, silence in fighting will emanate between those that consider themselves as the MUST HAVE  and those that are looking forward to be appointed base on merits.

Since politics is all about numbers, the deserving ones deprive of the opportunity to become ministers, deputies, directors or ambassadors will start sympathizing with the incumbent for recognition that will later graduate into a political appointment of any nature which also means denouncing NGC for either APC or SLPP.

It will be sad for those NGC members that will be serving as ministers and other political appointments in either the APC or the SLPP government who will start experiencing some political marginalization that will force them to make a rethink or loses his job just because of NGC loyalty.

Coming from a non-dispassionate point of view, Sierra Leonean politicians since independence are notorious for cross carpeting from one political party to another for self-gains and not on national interest. Therefore, cross carpeting is the middle name of all politicians in Sierra Leone.

Some politicians may say they are not party to such because they have never cross carpeted which might be correct but that does not mean it will not happen in the future.

Another vivid example is the rise and fall of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) where most of their pillars and corner stone have either returned to their childhood party (SLPP) or the current party in governance (APC).

Sierra Leoneans can vividly remember just after the 2007 Elections, the office of the PMDC that was at Hannah Benka-Coker Street was on a daily basis filled with newly converted youths in anticipation of jobs after the incumbent APC doles the PMDC ministerial appointments and other lucrative offices as compensation to the PMDC for giving them a helping hand in  bringing them back to governance.

Disappointedly, the hopes of the newly converted members and supporters started fading away gradually to a time that is was only the faithful and die hearted supporters who held the faith while majority decided to go back to their root parties of the APC and the SLPP.

Say what you may, the APC and the SLPP are the political land owners of Sierra Leone politics, therefore any true patriot that may want to have both APC and SLPP quit should not expect to win a presidential election on first appearance.

The paramount focus of the NGC should be winning constituencies, Wards, mayors and chairmen positions in the soon to come elections and ensures that the required impact is being created if and if only the electorates give the NGC such opportunity like in the good old days of PMDC with ten (10) members of parliament, Councilors and Chairmen in the 2007.

By Donstance Koroma

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