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The Role Of Board Chairmen Is Being Misconstrued

The Role Of Board Chairmen Is Being Misconstrued

The Case Of NATCOM & Momoh Konte

The role of Board Chairmen is normally being misunderstood by many Sierra Leoneans. The position of Board Chairman is purely political. Board Chairmen are normally appointed by the President based largely on political consideration. We have had instances in this country where, even senior party officials are appointed as Board Chairmen.
During the SLPP era of the late President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, Dr. Prince Harding (SLPP National Secretary General) was appointed as Board Chairman of the now defunct NPA (National Power Authority).
Another senior SLPP official, Musa K. Jambawai was appointed as Board Chairman of the now ailing SALPOST (Sierra Leone Postal Services)
Dr. Mohamed Dabor was appointed as Board Chairman of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA) eventhough he was (and still is) a private medical practitioner. He was a very good friend of the former President, Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah.
It has to be stated that, the position of Board Chairman is not a full-time job. Most of the people appointed as Board Chairmen are either private businessmen or successful private practitioners.

Mr. Francis Gabbidon was appointed by the NPRC as Chairman of the SIERRATEL Board of Directors because he was a very successful and still is a very successful legal practitioner. His tenure at SIERRATEL was very momentous!

Nearly, all government parastatals are being run on a day-to-day basis by Managing Directors, Executive Directors, General Managers or Chief Executive Officers. They are responsible for the day-to-day management of their agencies or departments.

As pointed out from the outset, Board Chairmen are not expected to interfere with the management of parastatals. Absolutely not!

The role of the Commissioner/Chairman of NATCOM is always being misapprehended by many people in this country. The appointment of the Commissioner/Chairman of NATCOM is always done by the President subject to the approval of Parliament.

According to the Telecommunications Act 2006 as amended, “The Chairman shall be appointed from among persons with high integrity, extensive knowledge and practical experience in matters relevant to the functions of the Commission”.

The current Commissioner/Chairman of NATCOM, Momoh Konte (in photo has been in office for only three years. Since he took up office as Commissioner/Chairman, he never took part in any procurement activity. None of his colleague Commissioners is a member of the Procurement Committee at NATCOM.

Momoh Konte is not a signatory to any of NATCOM’s bank accounts. Before his appointment as Commissioner/Chairman of NATCOM, Momoh Konte had and still has several companies operating in other West African countries. And these companies are performing very well. How can such a self-made man use NATCOM’s money on APC campaign? Utter rubbish!

Even though he is the Chairman of the APC party in Koinadugu district, Momoh Konte did not do anything to stop the SLPP from campaigning in the Koinadugu district in the 2018 elections. He never did!

Reports have to be based on facts and figures not on fantasies and an avalanche of lies and misinformation. Let us try to understand the role of Board Chairmen before jumping to precipitous and baseless conclusions.

Thank you so very much!

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