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Sumana: Victim of Political Miscalculation

Sumana: Victim of Political Miscalculation

The verdict by the Supreme Court Judges against Sam Sumana did not come as a surprise to many political analysts of Sierra Leone, which is fast becoming, if not already, a country of political patronage, because “one has to eat afterall” and very few are the Sierra Leoneans daring enough to challenge the system of the day at the risk of their jobs, although, in this case, the judiciary is an “independent” body.  (Photo: Former Vice President – Samuel Sam Sumana)

Sam’s political miscalculations started back in 2005, when he deflected for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) to become the running mate for H.E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma on the book and call of the same Diana Konomanyi that is taking him to the “gallows”, in her own words, for being a lair, a deceitful and criminal person.

The 1991 constitution, which the Judges were to interpret in the matter, makes it clear that for anyone to become Vice –President, he must belong to a political party. Sam’s calculation to the mind-set of the APC against him, at the time, prevented him from immediately joining another political party, while he was yet Vice-President, a situation that would have given Sierra Leoneans opportunity to witness a more challenging interpretation than the one used against him: President had to take the right decision because he was without a party. An astute politician would have, upon dismissal from the APC, within twenty-four (24) hours, joined another party. After all, the constitution is clear on the issue: to be Vice President one has to belong to a political party and not necessarily the ruling party. Now that the Supreme Court has set the precedence permitting the President to sack his Vice, the stage is set for Vice- Presidents to cross carpet making it possible for, say, the opposition to have the Vice and the ruling party, the president.

Sam would have been the first to do it and the nation would have stood by him but he doggedly stuck to the belief that he “loved” his APC, even where it had become clear to all citizens that the APC did not need him any longer. He failed to see that lady Konomanyi had used him as the bone holding the meat. Once the meat had been chewed off, the bone should be thrown away. That bone, being Sam, has to be swept and thrown into the dustbin of history.

In her own explanation, the APC wanted someone from the east to serve as running mate for them. When she tried many others and failed to get one, her best bet was Sam, who failed to see the “minds construction” of the APC, and got hooked by the bait. APC won, Sam, no longer needed. He should leave, once mission has been accomplished.

Diana, true to her name, Konomanyi, meaning “Kono is bad” could build a wedge between leaders; one really has to be careful with women. Leave the rest to history and to posterity, for many fail to see that there is “judgment hereafter”

ADVICE TO SAM: No ECOWAS Court! Just wait for your own time. You are still a young man. Nothing is lost. Don’t blame Ernest, your Kono fambul is the very architect of your plight, not Ernest. We need to know why.

By Jo-Njangu

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