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Another 40ft container from “SEAGA” to Sierra Leone

Another 40ft container from “SEAGA” to Sierra Leone

Despite the good and bad news that are coming from  Sierra Leone, especially in connection with corrupt practices by few unpatriotic and unnationalistic Sierra Leoneans in the country, Sierra Leoneans in Australia, are not relent in supporting their beloved motherland, Sierra Leone. They believe in the philosophy that country first before else. They also believe the “phrase” that says there is no place like home, regardless of how sweet, comfortable and safe Australia is, home is home. Therefore they cannot go into the water and turn to fish. It is quite impossible for them. As a result, there is no foreigner or Stanger that can make their country sweet, comfortable and a safe place to live than them, the Sierra Leoneans.

Based on that background that Sierra Leoneans in Australia are always thinking positively about their country, especially for it progress and development. Therefore, they always put aside all their personal grudges, tribalism, family differences, political or regional sentiments and come together as brothers and sisters to support their country, Sierra Leone, particularly for the benefit of their poor suffering masses. These positive patriotic attitudes and behaviours of Sierra Leoneans in Australia have being manifested in diverse ways, including the great role some of the  patriotic and nationalistic SLPP supporters,  APC supporters and some of the non-patricians in the community played in sending this SEAGA (Salone Ebola Action Group Australia) third container from Sydney.

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Mr Edmondson Sonny Cole, commonly called Sonny Cole, the Chairman of the Sierra Leone Community Council  (SLCC) after the loading of the container, thanked members of the community for their honest and sincere commitment towards their country’s progress and development. He also thanked them for tipping from their honest hard earned financial savings to contribute towards the shipping of the SEAGA third 40ft container to Freetown. “Only honest and sincere patriotic Sierra Leoneans will do such a wonderfully godly sacrifice for their country” he concluded.

In his statement, Mr. Mustapha Bangura, the able Chairman of APC Branch in Australia thanked the Sierra Leone community in Australia for their financial and moral support and Mr. Guy Chenery, the Public Relations Officer of Overseas Disaster Resources, for his Good Samaritan work, for providing the expensive and hard to reach associated items, including medical and food items for the poor and disadvantaged people in Sierra Leone. “We worth and fit to tell the Sierra Leone community in Australia and those outside there, including Sierra Leone about the wonderful godly work Mr. Chenery has done for our people in the country. When we were looking for assistance to save the lives of our poor people in the country, one of us, Mr Fayia Isaiah Lahai of Tasmania told his story in the media on how he lost seven members of his family from the Ebola Virus in the country. Mr Chenery saw the story and became fascinated on it, as such he called us immediately to render us assistance for free of charge through his organisation to help our dying masses in Sierra Leone”. The items included personal protective equipment, patient and surgical gowns and other medical supplies as well as some food items such as red kidney beans and gravy. The total cost of these brand new items is Aus$220,000 (two hundred and twenty thousand).

In his response, Mr Chenery said that his organisation is a disaster relief that always standby to assist any country that may find itself in a disaster situation, including disease outbreak, war and natural disaster such as flood, serious fire etc.” I am always ready to assist you guys because you really have your country at heart. Therefore, currently even if you want to ship 50, 40ft containers, I am willing to give you the different types of medical and food items, as long as you are able to pay for shipping them to your country, Sierra Leone”.

Mr Anthony Bee-Conteh also thanked Mr Chenery for his wonderful gesture towards the plight of their poor dying people in the country. He also thanked members of the Sierra Leone community in Australia, especially Sydney for their patriotic and nationalistic relentless effort in supporting their country. “We must give a big thank you to Mr. Chenery and a big bravo to our community members because they are working very hard to get their money. Rain, cold or sunshine, they are on it to find their living and to support their families, and friends in Sierra Leone. So if they can sacrifice part of such hard labour earnings for the country as a whole is an indication of true patriotism and real nationalism”.

 However, Mr Anthony Bee said that perhaps it might be a good idea if we could find ways and means to involve the Government of Sierra Leone and other organisations for support for the shipment of medical items’ containers to the country. “Since we do not have to pay for the medical and food items, for the fact that even if Ebola Virus finishes, they will still useful for the hospitals use because all the items are brand new, he suggested.

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Nonetheless, the photos will show the unpatriotic heartless and inhumane enemies of peace and development corrupt Sierra Leoneans how we are labouring in Australia for them. Many Sierra Leoneans in the country have the thinking and feeling that we that live abroad we are all millionaires, therefore money is not an issue for us. Therefore, they should exploit us and the country to satisfy their un-Sierra Leoneans attitudes and behaviours.

 Forgetting that for us to get money in this part of the world we have to work very hard for it, likewise some of our brothers and sisters that live in other countries. Therefore, any single cent we have, we earned it honestly and sincerely. There is no easy way of getting money abroad, be it Australia, Europe or America. It is NOT like how our heatless and selfish corrupt unpatriotic brothers and sisters are enriching themselves overnight in the country through bribery and corrupt activities at the expense of the poor masses. We load the containers for ourselves without any payment because if we do not do it we will have to pay to load it for us.

By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia

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