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Ministry of Agriculture & SFAMJAC FUND – After Ebola, everybody in Sierra Leone must farm!

Ministry of Agriculture & SFAMJAC FUND – After Ebola, everybody in Sierra Leone must farm!

The Public Relations Officer and spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security (MAFFS) in Sierra Leone, Mr. Abubakarr Sidique Daramy on Friday November 11, 2014 revealed to media practitioners in his office at the Youyi building, Freetown, that the long awaited public awareness on the “Must Farm” Initiative that was presented to his Ministry by Members of the Sfano-Michael Jackson Children’s Development Fund (SFAMJACFUND) headed by Mr. Sfano Njawa Sesay, on the need to encourage every Sierra Leonean’s dramatic participation in various agricultural practices with all seriousness, is expected to fully kick off after President Ernest Bai Koroma declares Sierra Leone Ebola free, hopefully at the end of this year.

The PR maestro of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security passionately said that the Ebola outbreak in the country has stated untold suffering to the people and that his Ministry under the able Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, Dr. Joseph Sam Sesay is now more desperate than ever before to help eradicate poverty in Sierra Leone through agricultural practices, either by production and/or commercialization of these products. Adding, agriculture seems the only surviving means of development in Sierra Leone.

President Koroma’s ‘Agenda for Prosperity’ has faced the most difficult times caused by the current Ebola outbreak, Daramy said.  Adding, his Ministry encourages and ultimately gives support to every initiative by sober-minded groups like SFAMJACFUND among others as long as they present a case that will help bring smiles to the people of Sierra Leone through agriculture and are supportive to the President’s call for an Agenda for Prosperity.

During the brief interview, the outspoken spokesperson revealed that in 2013 his office made a gentleman’s agreement with the King of Pop in Sierra Leone, Mr. Sfano Njawa Sesay, also known as General Sfano, and with the blessings of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security Dr. Joseph Sam Sesay that a musical album to be title “Everybody Must Farm” be recorded in Sierra Leone as a means of emphasizing the needs and benefits derived from agricultural practices to all Sierra Leonean when taken seriously.

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, Dr. Joseph Sam Sesay

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, Dr. Joseph Sam Sesay

According to reliable sources, the musical album title “Everybody Must Farm” was reportedly recorded at Forensic Studio and Studio ‘J’ in Freetown and was presented to the office of the PRO and spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security and the Minister of agriculture Dr. Joseph Sam Sesay and the Permanent Secretary Mr. Edward Kargbo also had their own copies for approval.

Mr. Sfano Njawa Sesay

Mr. Sfano Njawa Sesay, aka General Sfano

Mr. Sidique Daramy further revealed that General Sfano being the most popular singer and dancer in the country blessed with national followers, the public was invited to present their opinion about the songs “Everybody Must Farm” and Better Late Than never”, on Thursday 23rd January 2014 and that after the presentation of the song and interviews that he attended with the pop star and moderated by Theophilus Gbenda on a popular radio programme “Burning Issues” at 20:15GMT – 22:45GMT, it was clear in a fine listening weather for all listeners of the local broadcaster that both songs sends out strong messages on agriculture and that the style of play and unique singing voice was accepted by the public and that the result of the trial presentation of songs and project initiatives encourages members of the Ministry of Agriculture to plan a continuing project implementation activities with SFAMJACFUND on the “Everybody Must Farm” initiative.

Mr. Abu Bakarr Sidique Daramy further said that the admirable King of Pop in Sierra Leone known as General Sfano also dubbed the Michael Jackson of Sierra Leone has staged a clear unique form of his talent contributing to national development and that the call of His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma for an Agenda for Prosperity is uphold and calls on all development partners in the agricultural sector to fully embrace the inspiring motion of the Sierra Leonean pop idol and his group.

We are presently looking into engaging the pop star and his entertainment team to dramatize songs from the Everybody Must Farm album for visual purposes using his emotional dance skills that will enable the project make major impact at community levels in the country and the world in general adding, the project activities will further include a national musical concert in schools and other communities wherein the pop idol will closely interact with children who idolize him and with their parents in attendance, the Everybody Must Farm initiative is expected to bring the best result to the Ministry of agriculture and the people of Sierra Leone on the eradication of poverty and livelihood to the children through agriculture.

During a brief talk with the Chief Executive Officer of the Sfano-Michael Jackson Children’s Development Fund Mr. Sfano Njawa Sesay, he said that his group’s has passion for Sierra Leoneans especially the children and that moved them to closely work with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security in promoting the essence of profitable food production and the commercialization of these product and that bring to rest the untold suffering of all Sierra Leonean being cooperative in the practices of agriculture as an ultimate decision.

General Sfano disclosed that the minister of agriculture, Forestry and Food Security DR. Joseph Sam Sesay and members of his Ministry proves hardworking and supportive to all laudable initiatives and that he calls on all Sierra Leonean to think and work cooperatively and put poverty to rest in the country regardless of all political, regional, tribal, religious, ethnical differences.

Sfano Njawa Sesay said that the relentless efforts staged by members of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the European Union (EU), the World Bank (WB), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the World Food Programme (WFP), United States Agencies for International Development (USAIDS), other international donor bodies supporting bodies and all media practitioners geared towards promoting the dividends in food sufficiency and food security is admirable with enough evidence to the effect and that these inspiring efforts need the cooperation of all indigenes and that will bring success in national development in the future.

“Achieving great success entails great obstacles that might discourage partners involved but, these obstacles will lead us to failure when determination fails”, Mr. Sfano Njawa Sesay stated. Adding, Sierra Leoneans should practice major voluntary activities with long term planning process and with determination to achieve.

We formed the Sfano_Michael Jackson Children’s Development Fund (SFACJACFUND)with the passion of strengthening the African-American ties through music and drama and by this we will display our love and care for the children we love by joining efforts to address issues affecting them and that food sufficiency and food security is one way we identified as a means of gaining the attention of the children to positive thinking and positive attitudes, Sfano said.

 He further said that with the leading support of the Ministry of agriculture, Forestry and Food Security and its respectful developmental partners, his group is expecting to promote school gardening and pottery to different school going children in the country through musical concerts and drama to enhance early education on the significance of the production and commercialization of agricultural products to these children and that the activities will help in the reflection of their minds into regular domestic agricultural practices for their future economic development and self reliance.

The King of Pop in Sierra Leone also calls on officers in the Sierra Leone Armed Forces, the Prisons Force and the Sierra Leone police force (SLP) to embrace agricultural practices through the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security by locating part of the eighty-nine percent (89%) wasting land in Sierra Leone that was revealed by Abu Bakarr Sidique Daramy on Thursday 23rd January 20014 on a local popular culture radio programme “Burning Issues on FM 104.5 moderated by Mr. Theophilus Gbenda to enhance production of food stuffs and that will also help in more infrastructural development.

The popular Michael Jackson of Sierra Leone disclosed that the over-population in the Military, Police and Prisons barracks seem to be encouraging the many issues faced by the children and the country as a whole. Adding that allocation of land in the provinces will encourage donors to doll in more support in an extended construction of official quarters and homes for all farmers in these forces who will comfortably grow their own foods for the good of the people of the country.

General Sfano said that he will recall the people on President Ernest Bai Koroma’s statement during the burial ceremony of His Excellency, Late Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabba that the nation is on the verge of transformation calls on all indigenes to put on robust efforts and positive thinking abilities and bring the inspiring statement of President Koroma to reality.

“Agriculture is the best way out in our present Sierra Leone, General Sfano said. Adding, the people’s cooperation in this regard will help bring livelihood and self reliance in a country we truly loves.

The Pop star congratulates the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security upon his new responsibility in the FAO saying, he believes Dr. Joseph Sam Sesay will live up to his expectation adding that the politician and agriculturist has been in a decent serviceman records for a very long time that is encouraging all sober-minded groups to work with him and his Ministry.

By Isata Kamara

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