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No Doctors at Connaught Hospital

No Doctors at Connaught Hospital

Despite President Koroma’s effort to revamp the Health and Sanitation Ministry to avert the undue suffering and death of Sierra Leoneans the perpetual absence of Doctors who are supposed to be on duty at the main Connaught Hospital in Freetown is not only worrisome but slowly killing President Koroma’s ‘Agenda for Prosperity’ – a development that is likely happening in the Free Health Care initiative implementation in Government Hospitals across the country.

Sierra Express Media had its bitter experience with Connaught hospital on Saturday 12th April, 2014 night when a worker of this medium Mohamed Kabia was involved in an ‘Okada’ accident.

We rushed Mohamed to Connaught Hospital for Emergency treatment hence the proximity. We went through the routine registration only to discover that there was no doctor in the hospital at that night to take care of patients, particularly those with serious problems. I asked the nurse for the doctor who was  supposed to be on duty.  She replied, “He is not around I have to call him on the phone.” We waited for thirty minutes without any sign of a doctor.

We went out of patience as Mohamed’s pain was getting unbearable. I went to the nurse for the third and final time and personally requested for the doctor’s phone number but in vain. I asked for the name of the doctor supposed to be on duty, she replied  Dr. Yambasu.

We left the hospital frustrated and rushed with Mohamed to the Tankoro Pharmacy at Siaka Stevens Street where he was given first aid treatment. At the time of leaving Connaught Hospital, an ambulance from the provinces had also brought in another emergency case but there was still no doctor in attendance at the hospital.

I experienced another similar ordeal on 1st September, 2013 at the same hospital and at the same outpatient department when a cousin of mine – Tamba Sumana had to lose his life because a doctor named Dr. Jalloh could not move from his seat 45 minutes after perpetual appeals from the nurse to see the patient until the patient finally passed away.

“Connaught is a dead hospital and if you want to die then come to Connaught Hospital” said Abdul Sesay

It is no secret that Connaught Hospital is seriously going down the drain with the lackadaisical young doctors who have no value for the profession. On the contrary, the nonchalant attitude of these young doctors could be a factor for the mass death at the Connaught Hospital.  The Ministry of Health and Sanitation seems to be doing nothing to address the decline of Connaught Hospital, probably because of incompetent leadership.

President Koroma your attention is highly needed in the Health Ministry especially at the Connaught Hospital else your “Agenda for Prosperity” is on the brink of collapse.

By Tamba M. Musa

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