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Weekly message from Mohamed K Mansaray, July 27, 2013.

Weekly message from Mohamed K Mansaray, July 27, 2013.

My fellow Sierra Leoneans, 2017/18 presidential elections present a very important choice. We can forge a “true” inclusive developmental process where citizens pull together to achieve a common objective to see our country moving towards equitable development. Or we can choose to live in an exclusivity run by unpatriotic and selfish elitists who are not beholden to the will of the people, but only to themselves.

A campaign conversion isn’t the same as a lifetime of conviction and a commitment to change. Our campaign is a commitment to real change for the betterment of our country. Our campaign is about the fundamental continuation of leadership and organization that will transform  our country, and put forth a plan to address the long-term overall challenges we face. One of our country’s biggest challenges is the financial monopoly controlled by a few… These folks are expert in lip services; rhetoric; unfulfilled promises and the total neglect to meet the needs of the people.

On June 7, 2013 we launched our campaign Facebook page. “Vote Mohamed K Mansaray-2017 President”.   As information becomes more readily available, we intend to accommodate every policy initiative to be dissected, discussed, argued and promoted on our campaign website and face book page. I encourage all fellow Sierra Leoneans to contribute positively with ideas on how we can shape our country. Our campaign is the first in Sierra Leone’s history for a presidential candidate to connect with the electorate through social networks, especially Facebook.   Issues affecting our country are discussed with much vigor.  Thousands of fellow Sierra Leoneans continue to reach out to me simply to wish me well and pray for my success. The ability to instantaneously connect and communicate with me, both empowers citizens to have their voices heard and revolutionizes the dynamics of our campaign.

The number of ‘likes’ and comments have been useful in moulding  my ideas on the issues that matter to the children and  youth.  I envisage my presidency under which the Sierra Leonean child goes for computer lessons in his or her school’s well-equipped computer laboratory with internet access. And this child will go on to appreciate the unparalleled access to the global village that this technology offers.

Our country’s future is bright. Join me and let’s transform Sierra Leone. God bless you. If you will give me your confidence and support, together we shall build a better Sierra Leone.

May God continue to bless the land that we love, our country Sierra Leone.

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  • Corruption and Nepotism – whether tribal or filial, club or association is insidious in our society. The moment we are conscious about addressing these twin evils we would have done ourselves the greatest service to our ordinary folks. The Nation’s wealth is not for grabbing by a few. The ordinary man in Kroo Bay or Sawpit slums is as entitled

    28th July 2013

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