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How not to have a World Malaria Day

How not to have a World Malaria Day

Year in year out, April 25 has always been celebrated as World Malaria Day. To all intents and purposes it always strikes me as ironic that the senior executives of the World Health Organization (WHO) will actually set a day aside to commemorate a disease that has been such a scourge to the inhabited earth. I equally find it irresponsible and a disservice to the citizens of the world that on this day the WHO and governments of the world spend huge sums of money to organize lavish programmes and give high flown and bombastic speeches, all signifying nothing.

Typically, it seems that the commemoration has now become a syndicate in which every year some big belly executives will present big budgets to their governments and donor for money to organize symposiums, workshops and seminars, eat fat lunches, get fat per diems and leave the people in their dirty environments for mosquitoes to breed so that in the coming year there will again be malaria to commemorate another World Malaria Day.

Why can’t these government and donor people spend these monies on enduring projects to clean up the environments of the people, construct better drainages so that water cannot become stagnate pools where mosquitoes will breed to transmit the disease by biting human beings.

If they do this, before long there will no more mosquitoes and then there will be no more malaria, meaning that malaria will be eradicated entirely and completely…. and then… there will no more commemoration of the World Malaria Day.

But the pain is if there are no more World Malaria Days a lot of fat bellied WHO and Government functionaries will become lean and hungry-looking and a lot of girlfriends will leave them… and they will no longer live the big fat lives, build the big mansions… drive the big sleek cars and throw the big lavish parties.

Together let us do the things that will make us have a No World Malaria Day.

By Abdul Hassan Fackie

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