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Lyric wanted – “Gee dem wan more dhance”

Lyric wanted – “Gee dem wan more dhance”

Many people have still not come to terms with the extraordinary State House comedy of last week. My email In-Box has been full of messages, all of them asking nearly the same question “Was it true that his Excellency read out a litany of woes and shortcomings of his ministers and other key players in the running of the state machinery?” And “Was it true that he threw a tantrum that he was writhing with anger?” “Would you confirm that the show of anger ended in an anti-climax and that his Excellency merely invoked hell’s damnation on anyone who attempted to turn this country around in future to the old days or make us appear like allies of the dreaded Al-Qaeda?”

As readers must be aware, I was not at the State House news conference and therefore could not give an eye witness account of the President’s demeanor. Nevertheless, all who claimed to have been present confirmed that he was angry, yes, very angry indeed. This was confirmed by his press secretary and the others who participated in the discussion on UN radio’s tea break programme last Fridaybut none of who succeeded in placating listeners.  

My correspondents could not believe that based on his swearing-in statement, all he delivered were mere threats. One of them suggested that Emerson ought to come out with another popular lyric with the above title. I have responded by throwing the suggestion open to all patriotic artists. I may yet announce a prize for the best entries depending on the response of artists and the popularity of the lyrics.

I read in one or two newspapers also that the ACC boss Abdul Tejan-Cole is back in the country. He may be in position to advise his Excellency about the way forward. It must be remembered that the President has already closed that chapter and who knows; our first gentleman is not for any u-turn?

Those who have become disillusioned with the performance of our health workers including doctors must visit the emergency section of the out-patients department of Connaught hospital as I did last Saturday, There I witnessed the quiet but efficient manner in which young doctor Massaquoi and his staff went about their tasks. It was quite professional and I was very impressed. I could not help wondering whether Dr. Massaquoi was from the same medical school as his colleague in Kailahun about whom I wrote recently. Bravo Massaquoi to you and your colleagues in that very busy department.

The For di People newspaper’s vitreous attacks on the judiciary has become a recurring decimal which never ends. The Tejan-Cole family, including the former Director of Public Persecutions, his young nephew the ACC Boss, the honourable Chief Justice Umu Tejan-Jalloh, the Ombudsman Edmund Cowan, with the recent inclusion of Justice Brown-Mark must make people wonder not what is wrong with these people, but what may in actual fact be wrong with the editorial staff of the newspaper. The name of Justice Tolla Thompson, his daughter Glenna and her alleged boyfriend are treated as dirt. I keep warning Paul Kamara that the kind of behaviour usually never ends well for the perpetrator. Mark my words Paul and believe me I am not invoking a curse.

When I was in Britain, the then famous Chief Justice Goddard sat on cases until well after 80; the same was true of Lord Denning the former Master of the Rolls. If the Supreme Court needs to be beefed up and retired Justice Virginia Wright is brought in to help, where lies the big deal Paul? Have they erred in their judgments?  What has been your comment on the alleged failure of members of EBK’s team as narrated by HE himself, other than “Bai Bureh at war or such other trash?” Be careful young man.     

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