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NDA Sierra Leone: The Bluing-Hub

NDA Sierra Leone: The Bluing-Hub

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) are currently expensing the word “disenfranchisement” a fracture of the dense use of another word “democracy” and “democratization” proceedings.

Acts that infringe upon the rights of others from using their democratic franchises are no less considered unpatriotic; they are an infringement on the basic rights of individuals from practicing free expression of opinions and choosing leaders of their choice.

This cries the voice of opposition out loud on Wednesday, October 10, 2012, when free speech hero, Chernoh Alpha M. Bah foiled a behind the scenes pressure, he claims his party is heckling from the power of incumbency. According to him, State House has been a backpedalling force to their political existence – as they kept pulling their party off of late.

His comments were provoked by a seating High Court injunction filled by Mohamed Pateh-Bah, an expelled Member of NDA, which detered them from nominating their flag-bearer elect and his appointed running mate on that Wednesday.

A clue from what he said portrays a beam of the ferrous weaves of political machinations in such clear attempts of a divide and rule pattern.

Democracy of the multitudes advocates expediency and pluralism, which means all political actors should be given equal chance to partake in the realm of politics. It first started with vile threats from leader of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) Mohamed Bangura, of a storm stroking their party.

Pateh-Bah came – looking just like that storm that has taken the party to a wilderness position. His name was bandied in a score-note bankrolling scandal on allegations of a sell off for a political run-of alliance should the elections result into such.

The NDA spokesperson has run-on lines for this spear-case. He said they have a record of standing forth against the calculated misruling tendencies of the current system with vivid examples from their rising to the occasion on the issue of the astronomical increase on prices of fuel pump pricing crisis, following the automatic switch from the imperial to the metrication of the whole system. Records are also visible, how the NDA rose against an illegal police ban on political parties’ outdoor activities, which he said was not only criminal but a clear test case on the democratic acumen of the political parties in question.

The NDA also raised the issue of short supply of commercial vehicles and it necessitated the importation of 40 buses by the government. The NDA is known also to be a fierce critic of bad governance policies and it placed them equal to the task of eclipsing the opposition role.

The relay here has to do with the disingenuous that the incumbent is hell-bent in cajoling an all support loyalty for the APC. It makes sense, saying such valor contravenes the clamor for political pluralism and expediency. We are getting to a near situation where the leadership is almost transforming into an “all praise him” style with a stupor –convincing enough to allow the incumbent a cling on power.

Many in the NDA believe their party is in court today in an unnatural circumstance – all having to do with hate by the ruling system on their stance on issues of national concern referencing it current pro-activeness as an opposition party bent on sitting government to correct certain anomalies impeding national advancement and the immense membership accumulated due to such roles.

The instilled fear in mindsets of NDA members is that the court might use the injunction currently slammed against the party leadership to deter their nominations until the time prescribed time by NEC elapses. As we go to bed, news abounds that the NDA was going to deliver letters of protest to offices of the ombudsman, the United Nations system in Sierra Leone, the European Union Commission and other bodies on the premise that they held major apprehensions of having a fair judicial proceeding in court under an APC former parliamentary aspirant in Kambia District in 2002. The contention there is, if the court does deny them the opportunity to partake in the November 17 2012 elections it will not augur well for the health of the country’s burgeoning democracy.

Abu Bakarr Sulaiman Tarawally is a Media Analyst, Human Right Activist and Freelance Editor. Former Editor of Sierra Express Media

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