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NDA stop the infighting and rally behind a candidate

NDA stop the infighting and rally behind a candidate

As a former Presidential contender for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), I am appealing to all the aspirants to sit down at a table of mutual dialogue and common understanding and demonstrate an impressive patriotism by rallying their support behind one candidate. The fighting for the leadership has dragged on for too long and may not be in the best interest of the party or the democratic process of our electoral system, especially when the November 17, 2012 elections are almost 55 days away.  (Photo:  Former NDA presidential aspirant, Mohamed C Bah)

I have taken a back seat to allow others to share their vision and plans to lead the party while holding the strongest conviction that my selfless interest is only to serve my nation and not to engage in protracted or warrantless infighting that will not lift a child from poverty or make life better for our people.

My mission continues to be: working harder to realizing the dream of a Sierra Leone free from poverty and aid dependency, a beautiful nation that works every day for Unity, Freedom and Justice and a Sierra Leone with a more hopeful and brighter future for the next generation. This has been the foundation on which my candidacy always stands.

However, the glaring history of political parties in Sierra Leone seems to be embroiled in the entitlement and the ownership mentality, the reckless disregard of the constitutional laws of the land and the obsession of eliminating or marginalizing progressive candidates who are serious about nation building.

Besides, political parties are the sole properties of the people of Sierra Leone not an individual or individuals. Every citizen has the right to belong and to participate in any political party without prejudice or discrimination of any kind. Indeed, Sierra Leone has a long way to go in terms of instituting political party reforms that will gear towards making them more broad-base and nationally inclusive.

I urge all aspirants to find common grounds, to demonstrate maturity and pragmatism, to respect the abiding constitution of the party and rally behind one candidate for the sake of sanity. Only one candidate will represent the party and only one person’s name and face will be on the ballot box. The focus should be about who has the best plan to lead the NDA to victory; what goal-orientations, character traits and transformational ability will such leadership bring to the overall development of Sierra Leone.

In the interest of democracy, NDA must stop the bloodless infighting and settle with a unified candidate. I wish the party and all its candidates both Presidential and Parliamentary including the councillorship the best of luck on the November 17, 2012 elections.

May Peace reign over our land before, during and after the elections. May the candidates from the APC, SLPP, UDM, NDA, PMDC,PDP and the others, who will bring salvation and prosperity to our nation be anointed with sweet victory-that which is reserved for the – “one with faith that wisdom inspires.” May our land continue to be the realm of the free. May God’s richest “blessing and peace be ever thine own” in a “land that we all love, our Sierra Leone.”

By Former NDA Presidential Aspirant- Mohamed C. Bah

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