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A Man of the People… Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma

A Man of the People… Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma

Leadership with much exception to other roles and statuses is a divine appointment that can never be purchased from a shopkeeper. Shopkeeper represents our wants and needs and of course we cannot possibly access our needs in this current planet of worries without the availability of legal tenders! This feature gives less attention to the recent coinage – president – which to many is the alpha and the omega (the beginning and the end); to many the title president is a display and show of approval both by God and man; to such people, the title is most prestigious and stands above everything.

However, for one to conveniently suit himself/herself with the foregoing analysis and school of thought, showcases how: scattered, rough, cumbersome, un-sagacious and misleading his/her thoughts are. The world has produced millions of presidents (some are dead and others are still alive) completely lacking the attribute or character for an instantaneous qualification for the more divine, adoring and amazing status of leadership. Leaders are born; not made. When a thing comes from God especially that of leadership, such a leader would employ every possible means to whet the appetite and where possible surpass the need and aspiration of those he governs; the ideal to feel for his people, sharing their plights and fearing not to incur the wrath of God would always flower in mind; when he stands in the present of his subjects, the propensity exists for him or her to be immediately loved even by those who had initially frowned at his/her ascension.

On the other hand, when leaders are made as many believed, they could as well be unmade — this is incontrovertible; when leaders are made, they would always act like advertisers – telling the people what they want to hear not want is necessarily intended to be done; such leaders would take it by themselves a task to blind the people to the plain truth like advertisers their counterparts, to do only that which seeks their own interest at all times. Man-made leaders are like selfish players in a football pitch who would wish every applaud for themselves and subsequently puts the entire team at point zero; when leaders are made, the so called law of nature-self first would be  firmly established under their regimes. They would not only try but equally endeavour at all times to make themselves comfortable so that by the time the people invent another replacement, they would be much more comfortable than the hills and mountains. Under the reign of man- made leaders, poverty, deprivation, corruption, abuse of human rights, injustice, to name but a few become the order of the day.

The leadership of Ernest Bai Koroma, barely first term in office has worked assiduously in suppressing the growth of any of the above menace. Through his leadership, without sentiment or favoritism, Sierra Leone now swings and looks with optimism towards a fruitful future for those present as well as the unborn generation.

 Ernest Bai Koroma is the living Moses of this present generation. Sierra Leone like her sisters is destined for growth instead of stagnation and backwardness. Therefore, all patriotic Sierra Leoneans must put all hands on deck, ignore every distracter and advertiser, and offer His Excellency their trust for the second time as we are getting too close to the promise land.

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  • I would say Amen to that. Interestingly , we are closed to the promised Land. EKB even during the days in opposition, he played a pivotal role to end the 11-year civil war.Ex-President Tejan-Kabbah’s magic wand! What a natural born leader.The last 5 years of EKB administration has been the best in the history of Sierra Leone. Every segment of our econimic/social strata is an envil of other West African countries. Oh Sierra Leone! Blessed we are to have a God-given Leader like President Ernest Bai Koroma. May he not only win the second term with 99% of the vote but also the 3rd. & 4th. term after changing the constitution.May God save us from cholera uncontrollable outbreak first. AMEN

    4th September 2012

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