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Occupy Yenga now!

Occupy Yenga now!

Today, the Yenga issue, between Sierra Leone and Guinea is rapidly coming to an end as the Guinean Military presence is being withdrawn. President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone and his Guinean counterpart, President Alpha Konde succeeded in concluding the Yenga saga through peaceful and diplomatic means. Both Presidents have displayed how huge their threshold for patience and peace is, so as a nation we doff our hats to them.

Now that Yenga is part of Sierra Leone again, our immediate presence is highly needed in Yenga; plans for a full scale peaceful occupation must be hatched so that our Military can take over. Now!

Supposedly, the most credible and noble institution of the nation, the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) was referred to as a ‘toothless bulldog’ by some patriots. But now it seems that the ACC has suddenly grown teeth and is now biting too hard, this has made kleptomaniacs jittery.

UNIPSIL and PPRC are truly working towards conducting a violence free election in the forthcoming November polls through efforts of sending representatives of ten (10) political parties to understudy the Ghanaian Political System which is a model of democracy in Sub-Sahara Africa. It is undisputable that change starts from the top down to the bottom, if we so badly seek change it must start from our leaders before it can be transformed to the ordinary grass roots people.

Life is considered by some people as a movie in which we all are actors on the stage; when your act is finished you depart the stage for the other to play his or her own role. Our dear beloved brother Minister of Labor and Social Security, Hon. Hindolo Sumanguru Tyre has just departed from us, which means end of action for him on ‘the Stage of Life,’ now we turn to another actor.  Some critics questioned his life on the stage and by large it was a life well spent. May his soul, rest in perfect peace.

There is also the issue of a reduction in the nomination fee for political aspirants, excluding presidential aspirants, which seems like a move in the right direction for all and sundry as it was gathering steam amongst the people of this nation, which asks the serious question over a conspiracy theory against NEC Commission Dr. Christiana Thorpe.

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