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Start Blaming Yourselves: Freetonians

Start Blaming Yourselves: Freetonians

The outbreak of cholera is one of the most serious challenges Sierra Leoneans are facing currently, especially in an effort to halt the disease. There is a loud outcry; murmuring and finger pointing among residents of Freetown for specificity, blaming the government for not putting the right measures in place to avert this ugly situation. Of course the Freetown City Council (FCC) is carrying the lion’s share over this blame alarm. Interestingly, as jumbled up as a salad menu, FCC also looks down on the Freetown Waste Management (FWM), a body created to address sanitary assignments within the city, as not living up to expectation.  Whatever must have responsibility for the improper and poor management of waste within the city let us don’t take for granted.

However, Sierra Leoneans are people one cannot easily understand. We have solutions for all our problems, but sadly we don’t use them, instead we keep seeking for outside intervention. Until and unless we start considering what causes an accident and not totally riveted at the calamity it has created, we will never be able to curve unpleasant recurrences in our lives and living patterns.

Unsightly and unhealthy, trash littering our streets!

We keep blaming government and governmental institutions for virtually every iota of error we create in our lives. When will this stop? Cholera, we have been enlightened is caused predominantly by filth, yet one cannot imagine that residents of Freetown are competing unhealthily to project our fine city as the filthiest in the world. People only await little rain to pour century old filth into running waters which as a result ends in our major roads across the city. Worst of all, the very same people strut the streets blaming X, Y and Z for not working at all. The question now is why are we making things difficult for ourselves?

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