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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of JAFAI Support Foundation, has called on well-wishers to provide safe drinking water for survivors of August 14 Mudslide and flooding in Freetown. Haja Fatima

Port Loko, Sept. (SLENA) – Caritas-Makeni, one of the humanitarian NGOs operating in Port Loko District has resolved to join the District Health Management Team (DHMT) in the

Port Loko July 18 (SLENA) – The people of Lokomasama in the Port Loko District are making frantic efforts to combat any outbreak of cholera in the chiefdom. At

Looking into last year's Cholera records in the Kenema district, thousands of people were hospitalized including prominent people and their relatives. Even though hundreds of localities/communities were affected

The word ‘Cholera’ became a fearful household name in Sierra Leone when in 2012 the disease dealt a terrible blow on this nation with disastrous consequences. Apparently, the

The Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone (EFSL) has donated assorted drugs to the Grafton community in a bid to combat the cholera that has plagued the country recently. Handing

One of the leading commercial banks in Sierra Leone, Standard Chartered Bank, on Saturday October 6th, continued its laudable corporate social responsibility by using its resources to educate

The 1854 cholera outbreak of London and its epidemiological investigations marked a radical shift from the 19th century miasma belief (breathing bad air), as the cause of disease.

18 SEPTEMBER 2012 - As of 16 September 2012, a cumulative total of 18,508 cases including 271 deaths (with a case fatality ratio of 1.5%) has been reported in