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Indiscipline and the FSSG Sports

Indiscipline and the FSSG Sports

The series of sporting events that took place at the National Stadium, which saw school pupils engaging in reckless display of indiscipline, shows there is a big problem for Sierra Leone.

The problem of indiscipline in our institutions of learning and display of violence is now permeating our communities from the primary schools to the tertiary level.

Recent sporting events organized at the National Stadium, show that the Minister of Education needs to play a more important role in ensuring that the purpose of our schools and the role of the pupils are properly defined and maintained.

The recent Freetown Secondary School for Girls sport events at the National Stadium where pupils were seen engaged is acts unbecoming for a pupil were seen.

Drunkenness, vulgar behavior, near naked dressings and the snatching of phones, wallets, and even attacks on vehicles were all part of the acts by the pupils.

What has been a puzzling question is; why should such a high rated institution of learning become host to such a vulgar display of wantonness, debauchery, theft and vandalism?

Were the parents and guardians present when their kids were engaged in such behaviors? Also, what can we say about the school administration? Were they present when their pupils were out on the streets displaying all parts of their anatomy to the public view?

What we believe and I believe all right thinking parents will want to see, is an institution living up to its expected reputation. Interestingly, the indiscipline in schools is now seen more in terms of the city of Freetown rather than in the Provinces.

Also, the provincial pupils are the ones now producing better results while the city pupils are more or less engaged in gross indiscipline.

The solution in such a situation is for the Ministry of Education to institute stringent rules in organizing sports meets at the Stadium or other such public places.

Second, there should be an alternative venue and the use of the National Stadium should be curtailed by schools till further notice. This will be done to ensure that the facilities are protected from vandalism as it is our sole sporting venue both for national and international events.

Also, there is the need for pupils from other schools to be identified by their uniforms so that all those identified as engaged in vandalism and other forms of indiscipline could be identified and punished.

Finally, to make a first start, the pupils of Freetown need to be taught about the issue of attitudinal change. Thus the contributions of parents are highly needed in supporting the teachers to ensure that we do not produce hoodlums and other social misfits in our society.

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