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Ancestral palm tree was a vital trademark of health: Multi-produce, Salone’s hope, desired monetary bliss, Nurturing and blooming this organic as timeless age: Wine taper harvests palm wine and succulent fruit, Palm

Set in Sierra Leone, West Africa, A Tale of Three Women is epic in scope, covering a span of about sixty years and touching upon the most important

Terry Jones, Pastor of an obscure 30-member Pentecostal Church - Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, has been the epicenter of both national and global controversies in

An Anthology of Contemporary African Short Stories - Edited by Dike Okoro. - This anthology aims to represent the best of contemporary African short stories written in English. Familiar

An émigré found writing helps ease his roiling stomach. It’s an old story. An immigrant comes to America to fulfill a lifelong dream, to live in the land of