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Chop your dollar

Chop your dollar

So many times we hear people say “Money cant buy you love” but it appears that most guys and ladies don’t understand that. They tend to splash and splurge their money on material gifts to impress their partners. In a country like Sierra Leone where money speaks, most people complain that there’s no such thing as true love anymore which they claim is the reason for dysfunctional relationships and such a high rate of prostitution.

With Sierra Leone being at the bottom of the Human Development Index (HDI) and amidst the ongoing global crisis, many people find themselves being cut from their jobs and generally find it much more difficult to survive daily life.

Love is a game of chance that involves risk and for most ladies they can’t afford to take that chance under such grim circumstances that life throws. A woman naturally likes fine things like diamonds and expensive bags and shoes so it’s only unpredictable love becomes secondary to these things. One might heap curses on such a lady but at the end of the day, we all want to be able to put bread on the table and cheese too, so if she got to use what she has to get what she wants, then so be it. One must not only point fingers only at women because men yes men too, are in the habit of cultivating a relationship just to reap material benefits. Just as there are prostitutes so there are gigolos who don’t mind a ‘quickie’ for some fast cash.

I’m not condoning such behavior but in one way or the other, we all tend to manipulate others with our qualities be it charm, beauty, or brains. One might blame such people who think that the only way to get something they desire is through money. Also there’s a favorite saying almost a cliché now that ‘Money speaks,’ for splashing out so much money and some might even say that they deserve the treatment they get from ‘gold diggers’. Most guys are in the habit of splurging money on ladies extravagantly and most often than not, spend what they can’t afford to lure them into relationships. Sure every woman likes comfort but as a responsible mature man, and one looking for a healthy relationship too, you cannot honestly expect a good woman to fall for your cash or gifts. Rather you should try to improve on your personality and character. On a wise note you could perhaps use the money to upgrade yourself. One must always remember that we are only in this world for a period of time and material things and vanity will surely pass away.

Flashing money around is bound to attract unworthy greedy people to you like flies to honey. Instead of doing that why don’t you be yourself and let go enough for people to appreciate you for who you are and not what you are. If you don’t heed this advice then they’ll just ‘chop your dollar’, and when the money is gone then there goes love too Reader. Don’t be a victim.

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