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Juju politics is smiting politicians

Juju politics is smiting politicians

Our Monday March 12th edition featured the Sierra Leone indigenous Traditional Healers Union in a policy statement which denounced the unjustified killings by spiritualists in the country.  We also went at length covering an interview with the union’s president Alhaji Dr. Sulaiman Kabba who spoke on the union’s immediate plans to oust the incessant killers and said they are aiming at a charms arms-free Sierra Leone.

We at Sierra Express thought the president was trapped in this wholesome pronouncement as he went further to assure that their team of trackers are out up again in their disarmament spree to weed Sierra Leone of wicked charms.

The stop clause in their declared battle is the no use of herbalist campaign by politicians to execute their wicked plans – of eliminating political opponents. By all indications, black magic, it seems is part of African’s daily affairs. Often during elections, reports are always rife about ritual murders and afflictions, mostly linked to politicians. Human bodies and sacred partitions of young virgins are high in demand that no doubt – children’s disappearance is construed to be sponsored by politicians.

To inject fresh venom into the ugly experience whereby veteran journalist, Chief Gbondima Gbondo met his untimely death, it enrooted from a prior declaration to vie for the leadership of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party. His declaration was greeted with much fun because those who knew Gbondo, knew well that he indulged in passive drinking – and that he was always drunk.

Things get a bluing wing when the veteran journalist made serious his intentions and began to feature in popular radio talk shows – and as usual the personality profile which is most time commonplace in the Sierra Leonean Politics began going on.

The sad note on the song was that, being a veteran journalist means Gbondima Gbondo understood in detail most of the inner pant secrete of those he opted to contest with.

We woke up one morning and just heard Chief Gbondima Gbondo is dead. His death news came as absurd. The journalist went attending the SLPP’s national executive delegates’ primaries in Kenema eastern Sierra Leone; all we heard later was that he went to his father’s house, hale and hearty, only to later begin complaining a mixed situation he didn’t cope with and died.

Whether it is misfortune or coincidence is another pound of yam to chew, what is ugly though is the fact that he died at a time he just declared his political interest in becoming one of the leaders in the fold of the Sierra Leone People’s Party.

That said, another similar situation is cropping wherein, the Chairman of Kailahun District Council, Tom Nyuma is afflicted barely days after he declared his swift of allegiance from the opposition SLPP to the ruling All People’s Congress (APC). News about Tom’s paralysed situation greeted our offices at our time of going to bed. Explanations are that Tom’s Buedu people began an anger protest against their son for his betraying move to the ruling party. Other views we are told subscribed to burning Tom’s father’s house and the others dissent on impeaching him from the current position he holds due to the opinion that he came to the political limelight under the SLPP ticket.

To confine us under the juju politics issue, Nyuma is home to a place in Kailahun where their natives are such so natural with mystic powers. We are even told that Nyuma had a lease of powers that outstretched his military prowess in his days in the Sierra Leone army. Those closer to him then say he can transform into dog and strange animals – of an invisible character. In protest, we can see the absolute red hatred shredding the confines to say we’ll teach him the lesson of his life. Before one knew it, he is announced paralyzed, flown to the Tchoitram Hospital in the capital Freetown.

Now these emerging challenges up with the traditional healers are scold to the fact that people in some parts of the country have got a traditional wing with politics that they may not counter. We are seeing a situation whereby killing – orchestrated by charms and afflictions is becoming evergreen in the practice.

On a follow up interview with President of the Traditional Healers, Alhaji Dr. Sulaiman Kabba, he revealed their union has hosted plans to launch its existence in the east part of the Sierra Leone. Part of this solution, he says, should involve active members residing in that part of the country whose mandates shall be their change of mission from killers to healers. This launching, the president of herbalists notes, would bridge the difference.

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