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VP Sumana rejoices New Year in Kono

VP Sumana rejoices New Year in Kono

The Vice President, Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana, was embraced by the Konos as he joined thousands to celebrate the fruition of 2012.

The Vice President’s ‘end of year’ visitation to Kono validates facts that he still holds an unmoved political posture in constituency 25 in Jaiama Sewafe, Nimiyama Chiefdom.

As he addressed thousands in Kono (residents/supporters), VP Sumana encouraged all to discourage acculturated beliefs in the mining of precious minerals.

He advised his supporters to see reason and engage themselves on profitable ventures such as agriculture, and education, among others.

These, he said, are reliable means of establishing a sustainable source of livelihood.

“I am wakefully aware of the global economic challenges confronting the human race generally,” he said,

“But with concerted efforts on ventures of infrastructural development, it is certain we shall obviously conquer.”

“The new ‘Agenda for Positive Change’ necessitates and warrants concerted efforts.”

VP Sumana settlred fear of his Konos by confidently making a pronouncement that in spite of the many controversies and libelous insinuations meted him; he is practically okay and wants his people know that he is on two legs in readiness to move forward with President Koroma as 2012 approaches.

“The President’s resilience to garner support for national development requires collaborative effort and needs citizens’ approval regardless of regionalism or other debarring factors,” VP Sumana reiterated.

“As a son of Kono soil, it sounds befitting calling on my Kono brothers and sisters to espouse the spirit of ‘hard work for national development’ and enjoy the benefits nevertheless.”

He called on all to respect their leaders, be law abiding citizens, and always be at peace with others.

Politics, he added, is bordered around numbers to gain seats.

The Chiefdom Speaker, Philip Musa Koroma said however that inspite of the many challenges facing his Chiefdom Nimiyama, the jurisdiction and inhabitants remain peaceful and law abiding.

The Chiefdom, he said, is committed in lending support to President Koroma as he battles for a second term in office.

Speaker Philip Musa drew the attention of all to a land stalemate between a prominent daughter of Kono and a Lebanese national – which to him – is of concern to all the Konos.

He urged government to intervene and try to reach at a more comfortable solution as, according to him, is a thing of unease.

Member of Parliament for constituency 25, Augustine Tortor said some of his Kono colleagues in Parliament have promised to soon cross over to the ruling APC and join the rest of Kono District to put into effect President Koroma’s 2012 Elections victory.

He called on government to empower the women of Kono District thus providing micro credit facility for especially the vulnerable one.

An organization called ‘Northern Alliance,’ and which is closely associated to the ruling APC, applauds the visit of VP Sumana, but asked that government look into their plight and provide them with vehicle (s) to ease the problems of mobility as they complement their political tasks in the district.

2012, VP Sumana said, must be regarded as an era of a new beginning and an end to all misunderstandings from among people of Kono District.

In another engagement, stakeholders of Kono including Paramount Chiefs and elders of the District, cheerfully and in one voice, publicly burnt ‘woods’ to demonstrate their willingness in putting to rest ‘old and uncalled’ grievances.

Recounting on contributions of political forerunners since 1957, VP Sumana admonished his Kono people to refrain repeating past mistakes.

“As people from the same land (Kono), we should not acknowledge hatredness, but act as brothers and sisters” VP Sumana said.

Noting however that if the Konos are united, it is no doubt they will make a turnaround in the area of development for their district/home town.

At Korakoma, where thousands pledged their support for the APC, VP Sumana admonished all to register on time if they are to surely decide who is to lead them after 2012.

The occasion was climaxed by public display of Kono cultures; traditional dancers and mask devils, all displaying banners in solidarity of the VP Sumana as he drives in a motorcade along main streets in Koidu Town Kono District.

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  • A king is not respected or honoured in his home town is not true as demostrated by the VP Sam Sumana triumph entrance to Kono. All propaganda by the SLPP media outlets should now bow their heads in shame. Whether they are shame-proof or not Sam Sumana still controls Kono. Forward with the progressive ideas of Ernest Koroma and down with the backwardness of the SLPP.

    9th January 2012

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