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Mr. Idiot: Mr. Idiot’s 2012 message is out!

Mr. Idiot: Mr. Idiot’s 2012 message is out!

Fellow countrymen, I the Idiot of a type am back, but with a distasteful New Year message for you all.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, editor)

Just as President Koroma’s end of year message to Sierra Leoneans, so is Mr. Idiot’s own to fans.

For it is written in the good books that Idiots are Idiots and even in death will remain Idiots.

It sounds amazing that Mr. Idiot’s 2011 end of year message has been rated and equaled to President Koroma’s own.

But would it also surprise fans of the stupid, senseless and unintelligent Idiot of a type that President Koroma is been told to tell his Minister of Political Affairs that he has lied to the electorates regarding the Guinea rice?

Anyway, for the sake of clearness, allow the Idiot to make a straightforward citation vis-à-vis his assertion that the Minister of Political Affairs, A- Lie-J Alpha Kanu, in 2011, lied to hungry Freetownian residents that Guinea has, on hand, offered 2,000 tons of rice to Sierra Leone for sale at a cheaper cost to the poor.

As at the pronouncement of the arrival of tons of Guinea rice to Sierra Leone by A-Lie J Alpha Kanu, all including the Idiot jubilated.

Soon after the announcement of the Guinea rice, the overexcited Idiot wasted no time, but instructed his wife (Mrs. Idiot) to give away bags of preserved rotten rice in their store to make way for the proclaimed sweet and cheap Guinea rice.

Most disappointing though was the fact that 2011 has rolled by and we are in 2012, yet the trumpeted Guinea rice has still not reached markets for sale to the poor and needy.

But again, in the President’s New Year talk, he assured Sierra Leoneans of his government’s intention to change the lives of the suffering mercies.

And to the Idiot, it is indeed good of the President. But to others, who are more Idiot than Mr. Idiot, it’s like of pinch of salt.

Sir, how about your promise of separating the office of Minister of Justice from that of the Attorney General? Is it after 2012, or in your second term of governance? The unintelligent, dimwitted and stupid Idiot has asked because his colleagues want him tell them the ‘why not yet’ answer sir.

Please accept my apology if it hurts you when I repeatedly use sir to your name and designation though.

I know you hate to be saluted with the nomenclature ‘sir’.

But will it surprise Your Excellency sir, that in the kingdom of Idiots, ‘sir’ as a prefix, is used to describe respectable and forthright men of society- just as is done to you- President Koroma.

Sir, the Idiot is quite unwell with contents in your end of year speech and want you know this.

He is, because, in your end of year talk, you dodged making saying anything regarding the uncontrolled ‘hardship’ and skyrocketing of prices of market commodities day in and out?

I have asked this question because, as an Idiot, I am practically unsuitable and unfit to be appointed Cabinet Minister or senior state official anyhow.

No hatred for the politicians at all! And no disbelief also that persons appointed to Ministerial and public positions, have in the past, now or… had ceaseless moments creating avenues in the attainment of mansions, expensive cars and millions of United State dollars; some of which are in accounts offshore Sierra Leone.

Because countries the world over in no way offer political luxuries to Idiots (Mr. Idiot not excluded), he (Mr. Idiot of Sierra Leone) wants the powers that be, to unconditionally avail the alleged 2,000 tons of sweet Guinea rice to the poor, and at a cheaper cost.

And to the rest of mankind, it is a pleasure telling all that the ‘allayjos’ and ‘allagbas’ or bigwigs of society have asked the Idiot signing up as Sierra Leone’s new and uncompromising political commentator.

His task is to checkmate conducts of public officers and to expose corruption overindulgences of those that govern.

Thanks again to the President (Di Obai) for toeing the line of Sierra Leone’s ‘one and just’ Idiot of a type.

Need not argue over that at all! It makes sense if those who read the Idiot’s end of year talk; relate same to paragraphs in the President’s speech.

Like it or not, the Idiot is on track and will virtually not allow detractor politicians sway him.

Of course, in the Idiot’s message, questions surrounding the shout out road constructions are the nucleus of all that was said.

The Idiot will virtually not comment on the naked and unsolved hardship befalling society though, but rather shut up his mouth.

They say banks have returned to the bad old days?

You ask for Le 15 million and get Le 2 million.

Be informed that the Idiot is been massaged spiritually; and no politician, APC, SLPP, PMDC, NDA, etc is able to penetrate his defence this time round.

Swear to 2012 elections. Try it, and see it yourself.

Will truly not cede to exposing any form of corruption, rather bring same to the public’s eye and hearing! Lonta!

As the Idiot takes his exit, give him the chance to re-echo his stance on the missing Le880 million.

Explanation must be given regarding the Le 880 million cheque received for the construction of a contemporary market within Freetown.

The time is near, or has come. All must now account for their stewardships; no time wasting but now!

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