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Attributes of an awful culture… How Victor feels it

Attributes of an awful culture… How Victor feels it

Not much of the goodies are felt within the precinct of Sierra Leone’s cultural practices.  And on number of times, blameless, guiltless and defenseless Sierra Leoneans have been made to forcefully take solace in countries outside Sierra Leone due to bad cultures, principles and doctrines.

Dissimilar to number of countries in Africa, Sierra Leone’s traditional leaders, heads of cultural societies and local Chiefs have had enjoyable and limitless moments, compelling the weak and helpless partake of doctrines off the endorsed United Nations rights of persons universally.

Archives of embassies outside Sierra Leone have records picturing sizeable number of young-looking Sierra Leoneans, who on countless occasions, have sought safe haven to countries far off their country of birth (Sierra Leone) owing to bad cultures.

A recent case in point is that of one Victor Dennis Koroma (in photo) whose ordeals speak strange to the eye seen of rational and God fearing individuals.

Findings are that his father died during the January 6th 1999 invasion of Freetown by fighters of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) and the Revolutionary United (RUF) rebel respectively.

The father, Francis Koroma aka Franko, was tagged as sympathizers of one of the rebel fighting forces (AFRC collaborator) and killed in cold blood by opponent forces during the January 6th invasion of Freetown.

They say Victor was left without option, but rather stay with his mother in a village called Mange Bureh.

The mother, our investigation revealed, was a member of one of Sierra Leone’s women secret societies (Bondo), and was in effect a title holder-Sowei- the highest rank so far.

That after the death of Victor’s mother (which occurrence seemed unnatural), life was all a melancholy to him (Victor), and was under restraint and intimidation by rival society members of his late mother.

To him, we are told, death threats were at his throat by secret society members.

And just when he realizes that the death of his mother was orchestrated by the membership of the very society of his late mother, he was left without choice, but to look for an escape route.

It was told however that Victor was totally terrified shortly after the death of his loved and caring mother.

He was reportedly physically attacked; and would have been dealt with or used for rituals should luck not have run his way.

No dice for them at all. He narrowly escaped the attack and hid himself in bushes around the town, but made his way out later.

Ritualism (spiritual sacrament), seems tp be becoming a norm in towns and villages up country (in the provinces) in Sierra Leone.

Facts are that Sierra Leoneans, on number of times, have fled to countries in Europe, America and other parts of the world on account of bad cultural practices.

The Young and energetic have, over and again been reportedly subjected to ugly and uncalled for encounters by village spiritualists, or secret society heads, particularly when issues of forceful secret initiation makes the day.

It is a fact that village elders do find pleasure in compelling up and coming youths to become members of secret and harmful societies.

Those who refuse to be initiated are either cast out or hunted.

Reports are that Victor is still being searched for and hunted, even though his whereabouts is unknown.

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