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Mr. Idiot: Whoop! That Aljazeera Thing Sir!

Mr. Idiot: Whoop! That Aljazeera Thing Sir!

Your Excellency sir, the Idiot is all set to explain how that concocted Aljazeera thing was schemed though.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, editor)

But again sir, do you truly know Sorious Samura, or ever met with him prior to his commencement of lie lie investigation and publication of footages depicting your government in corruption?

The Idiot has asked because he’s been told there was some form of discussion between you (Di Obai of Sierra Leone) and that em, em…em Sorious Samura man.

Less I forget sir, in the footage, Sorious Samura was seen telling all (the worldwide viewers) that you’ve earlier gave him your word that you will be by him as he investigates (sorry concoct corruption) in Sierra Leone sir?

Anyway, and as far as Mr. Idiot’s memory could serve sir, he was told that Sorie Sorious Samura was hired to fire the Vice President with libelous footages just as those lately viewed through the Aljazeera TV.

Why questioned the Idiot for adding ‘Sorie’ to Sorious Samura.

No bother! Need not explain foolish things such as that coined up and add up ‘Sorious’ name to make the name ‘Sorie Samura tailored to Sorious Samura; look like a westernize one.

For your attention, the Idiot has hacked information that exposes names of politicians of the governing APC, who by themselves want the Vice President dethroned.

Straight to the point. Whether you like it or not, the Idiot is wakeful of the fact that journalists met in Ghana to discuss the Sierra Leone timber investigation.

There was disagreement from among the rest, and reports say however that the good ones have had no option, but back off the set up deal.

No! Don’t ask the Idiot who those journalists are?

For all the Idiot will have to say is that the journalists that back off are seen as the upright and forthright of society. They are as patriotic and credible just as Mr. Idiot, and not as Sorie (sorry Sorious Samura).

No surprise nevertheless that the video as published by Sorious Samura has too many bunkums and hogwash.

Though fearless, the Idiot will not risk telling the gullible public where the final meeting on the ‘set up’ Aljazeera footage was held in Freetown preceding Sorious Samura’s so-called investigation.

Not much is heard these days about those holding secret meetings to desperately fight their way for running mate in run up to 2012.

It’s been relayed to the Idiot by the Konos that they are all set to vote for the APC if their brother and son of Kono soil, Sam Sumana is re-appointed to office, or not vote for them at all if…

They say the running mate criteria are set and will soon be announced though? That at all cost, the set criteria favour those who are red blooded APC members as against the newcomers.

Be told that the Idiot has located meeting rendezvous of hungry politicians, who time and again, insists they will go all out to eliminate poor Sam Sumana’s chances of running mate for the second time.

As for the Works Minister, he is already disqualified because he has still not told the whereabouts of the Le 880 million.


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