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The Flying Stars is an upcoming Al Jazeera documentary about Bornor Kargbo, captain of The Flying Stars football team in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The country is home to

Legal action has been taken to declare the Nigerian military’s detention of two Al Jazeera journalists as “illegal and unconstitutional.” The Motion on Notice filed today in Abuja’s high

Reacting to the latest adjournment in the case of its jailed journalists in Egypt, Al Jazeera spokesperson Osama Saeed said: “For the second successive court date, there was no

Following today’s verdict in Cairo, Al Jazeera English managing director Al Anstey said: “Today three colleagues and friends were sentenced, and will continue behind bars for doing a brilliant

Amid mounting concern for detained journalist Abdullah Elshamy's health on the hundredth day of his hunger strike, Al Jazeera has called upon the Egyptian authorities to urgently grant

Al Jazeera Media Network has submitted an official notification of dispute to the interim Egyptian government. The network says it is relying on a Bilateral Treaty signed between

Today on Al Jazeera’s talk show South2North, Redi Tlhabi discusses healthcare in developing countries and if the right to health is merely a dream. “Do all human beings deserve universal health care?”

On the 24th May 2013, Justice Abdulai Charm of the Freetown High Court declared Momoh Kemoh Konte, who was facing a five count charge of corruption related offences,

Former Chelsea and Ivory Coast forward Didier Drogba is the focus of the first episode of Football Rebels, premiering on Al Jazeera on Tuesday, 12 March 2013 at