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Mr. Idiot: That Wilkinson Road nonsense

Mr. Idiot: That Wilkinson Road nonsense

Nonsense, the Idiot says. How for goodness sake will a state official in the person of Minister of Works keep on lying to Sierra Leoneans?  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, Editor)

And if you seem not want to support the Idiot for calling the Wilkinson road project a ‘complete nonsense’ join him call it ‘rubbish nonsense’ though.

I am  sure it is no more a secret that the Minister of Works, who once told sections of the media that Wilkinson Road will be completed and commissioned in October 2011, has declined giving any further date of completion of the said project.

Anyway, it is with no regret that the Idiot talks about failing promises of those who say are state administrators.

I am sure those who know the Idiot, know he is a distinguished and forthright gentleman.

He says things straightforwardly, and hates telling lies.

This is in fact why he has vowed not toeing the line of the two ‘lie lie’ and talkative APC Ministers (you know yourself though); sees black but call it white and stick to it- nonsense.

“I have no further promise to make concerning the completion of theWilkinson Roadproject,” exact words of another liar Minister- Alimamy Pepito Koroma.

But wait a minute; was not the same Minister of Works who now denies announcing date of completion of theWilkinson Roadproject, the one that misleadingly ticked October 2011 as a date the APC would have commissioned the said road?

No surprise to the Idiot at all. Just when President Koroma took over governance of the state ofSierra Leone, he promised separating the office of Attorney General from that of the Minister of Justice, enacting the freedom of information bill into law etc, but failed to do same.

As a small boy, on one occasion, once living in a cubicle compartment at Brookfields (will not tell the street), the Idiot remembers his father reechoing the phrase ‘charity begins at home’ to him.

The father was cautioning the Idiot to be forthright and upright whenever he acts as head of an organization.

But he never took for serious what his intelligent, but father of an Idiotic child had told him at all.

He got to realize all what the father was reaching at when eventually he was able to prove that the under development of Sierra Leone was as a result of state actors and governors overindulging into corruption; using the ‘say this but do that’ code of belief.

Were society not told some 2000 tons of rice was imported fromGuineaby government for hungry Sierra Leoneans? Was not Al-Lie-G Alpha Kanu told the easy to fool public that the rice will be sold at a cheaper rate to particularly the poor of society?

 No wonder Mr. Idiot’s protruded stomach has got a breakdown.

That upon hearing that government has imported 2000 tons of rice for the poor and needy; he told inmates under his auspices that he will surely have to increase their quota of meal once the rice reaches the markets.

That Mr. Idiot’s rice quota would have been raised to four (4) cups a day.

But disappointingly, all did not materialize at all. Up until now, the Alpha Kanu’s/ government’s rice is yet to reach the markets.

Nonetheless, the Idiot is disappointed that a project which was to last for a year, has clocked two, and there is still no semblance to see it reach finishing point at all. 

But why had the Minister of Works, who on number of times, had fixed unfulfilled dates for the completion of Wilkinson road now back off giving any further date?

Trust, will tell brothers out there (Idiots) that monies preordained for the construction of roads in the city ofFreetownare at homes of the powers that be, for use when campaigns are near.

Who says Mr. Idiot is unaware of the common strategies of Sierra Leonean politicians.

Yes, the Idiot is known for doing things stupidly. But he is also known for saying things that are factual and accurate.

Go toWilkinson Road, Mr. President, Mr. Works Minister and see yourself what’s happening their.

You will realize that the very Chinese company that is awarded the contract is a mess just as you…

And thank God the Idiot has not called any name at all. Who Di cap fit wear it!!!

To the Idiot, the Chinese company and whosoever may have awarded the contract are, but without doubt, one and the same people, trust.

And it’s in drawers of the Idiot that some big name politicians have concealed millions in accounts ‘off shore’ Sierra Leone.

Swear to God, and make no mistake, your cup will soon be filled and you will reach your waterloo one day!

Hope that smart and uncompromising anti corruption commissioner is got that clear though.

For your information sir, Bra City Mayor (sorry money chopper is on the run and has crossed toBanjulwhere finally he will make his way toEuropeand in a country unknown to you sir.

I am sure cohorts of the Mayor will now be monitored and not allowed make any trip outsideSierra Leone.

 Anyway, that’s just a tip. Allow the Idiot continue with the undone Wilkinson road project. Will discuss Mayor chop chop at a latter date!

Please tell Mr. Works Minister that if he is weak enough to steer the ship of that Ministry, he is at liberty to hire the services of the unintelligent and senseless Idiot, whose mental picture on developmental issues are unique and unfailing.

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  • Mr. Idiot, keep your cool. Wilkinson Road will be ready soon. It is better to be late than never at all. Gradually, We will reach the finishing stages. Have this in mind, Mr.IDIOT,It was a bold move by the APC Govt.to get these roads constructed since we inherited them from our colonial masters, Of course, President Siaka Stevens of the APC regime regenerated the Congo Cross bridge and part of the two lanes towards Girls high school and Youi-Youi building on both ends which was not bad and after that road development in the late 70’s, no good government has ever ventured for such projects until 2010 when another able APC Leader His Excellency Ernest O’bai Koroma took again the bold step to regenerate our main roads in the city including the talk about Wilkinson Road and here you are as a Mr. IDIOT condemning the selfless efforts carried out by these our true sons of Sierra leone. WHY? Mr. IDIOT & Co. Can’t you change for the better and forget this stupid politics of crying down the APC, President Koroma, Minister of works and so on so forth. Please, Please Mr.IDIOT, give peace a chance and stop being an enemy of progress. Sierra Leone is for all of us. What can you or your party do that will be extra ordinary in Sierra Leone. You are here agitating for the SLpp party that has been in power for almost a decade with no achievement or can you give us a report about development projects undertaking by the SLpp party whilst in government. Of course “Nothing” so be quite and let peace prevail.

    21st November 2011

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