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Mr. Idiot: Starving electorates complained to Mr Idiot

Mr. Idiot: Starving electorates complained to Mr Idiot

Just when Mr. Idiot asks government to explain how that  Le880 million donated by the Milestone Trading Company for the construction of a contemporary market in Freetown was used, he was made sleepless though; no rest for him at all. His mobile phone was ringing unending.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, Editor)

And at anytime he receives a call, he will dare not told anything but the hardship. Some of the callers have had ceaseless moments accentuating that the hardship is practically becoming unbearable.

It was all amazement that those who say are the influential now consults with a dim-witted, brainless and stupid Idiot on issues of national concern? May be a set up though?

For as far as Sierra Leoneans are concerned, no Idiot, not even Mr. Idiot is that sane and levelheaded to discuss issues of national consideration with Di Obai of Sierra Leone.

But again, as calls keep coming in, the Idiot was quick to understand that indeed it’s no set up at all, but that people want him tell Di Obai (sorry Di Pa) constraint they now faced. And that he was seen as the most fitted to tell Di Obai to his face that the people are angry because they are hungry.

“Mr. Idiot,” one of the callers fumed, “we want you go tell the Di Obai that rice is now sold at Le 180,000 per bag, and it is sure to shoot up to Le 200,000 or more in the coming weeks sir.”

The callers have virtually not told the Idiot why they want him relay such a distress to the Di Obai.

Good! I say very well nonetheless! Not much need explained about the Idiot at all. Before now, nobody wants the senseless, unintelligent and brainless Idiot dare talk nor discuss with the privileged anything of national concern at all.

Now I go explain. Be not amazed however that, up until now the markets have still not got the Guinea rice as was promised by the powers that be.

Of course, the Idiot, last week, was on routine patrol and visited respective markets in Freetown. He spoke to number of people, who told him they’ve still not received the alleged 2000 tons of Guinea rice.

This is big surprise anyway. Just when the Minister of Political Affairs, Al- Lie- G Alpha Kanu told Sierra Leoneans that he was in Guinea himself to sign for, and collect the 2000 tons of rice for hungry Sierra Leoneans, persons under the patronage of the Idiot jubilated. They jubilated because Mrs. Idiot’s avowals of increasing the day’s meals for inmates of her husband (Mr. Idiot) may have come to reality.

And was Alpha Kanu’s mentions: “we brought the rice for hungry Sierra Leoneans” not a ridicule?

To the Idiot, it’s, but a complete mockery that a state Minister could raise hopes of the electorates and in the end disappoints them.

Oh yes! And no wonder the alleged ‘4 lane’ Wilkinson Road has still not reached completion. Same old story day after day! Some months ago, the Minister of Works, Alimamy Pepito Koroma, told sections of the media that by October 2011, roads under constructions in Freetown including the ‘4 lanes’ Wilkinson road will be completed, commissioned for use by the road users.

October has come and gone and the roads have still not reached completion. I am sure you will agree with the Idiot that even the Minister of Information once assured Sierra Leoneans that in 18 months his government will construct 30 roads in Freetown. The targeted 18 months have come and gone no dice at all. Too many lies though.

Well, it is with pleasure (sorry disappointment) that the Idiot now says to Di Obai that the hardship is becoming unbecoming, and must be addressed now or never.

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