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Mr. Idiot: It’s City Council all the way!

Mr. Idiot: It’s City Council all the way!

No, he is the City father and not a land grabber. He is also the ‘Freetown’s father.’ He is by law (City Council Law) mandated to take by force any land within the municipality of Freetown. (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, Editor)

I have said this the last time and have said again. Anyone caught calling the Sierra Leone’s city father- His Lordship Mayor Mayor Herbert Williams- a land grabber, money chopper etc, will virtually not go free but face the wrath of law evenly.

The Idiot was told that hundreds of City Council workers whose salaries have not been paid for 4 months have received Le 50,000 Friday 4th.

Well, this is good news and a big kudos to His Lordship the Mayor. Nobody, not even the Idiot ever imagine that Mayor Williams would have given Edul Adha allowance to hungry and angry workers of the Freetown City Council at all.

Its been told to the Idiot that a sum totaling Le 880,000,000 directly submitted to President Koroma by management of Milestone Company for the construction of an ultra modern market and forwarded the Freetown City Council has been chopped.

But please don’t blame the Idiot for saying all that he knows to the gullible public anyway. He was recently told by the Minister of Works that the amount under quarry could be traced either at the Ministry of Trades or the Freetown City Council. So, why blame the Idiot for also announcing it.

And do you expect a Minister to say lies to a stupid and unintelligent Idiot such as Mr. Idiot. I am sure your answer is big NO.

The Idiot has hacked information revealing how the Le880,000,000 was shared from among unscrupulous politicians. As for those who know the Idiot, no need asks whether he will give up the fight. God forbid! No son of Adam shall confront the Idiot to appease him refrain discussing the mysterious Le 880,000,000 nor threatens him hands off such a campaign at all.

The rules are: cough it out or be jailed for chopping money owned by the electorates themselves.

Yes sir, I mean you Mayor Williams. I saw at the Brookfield carnival Sunday 5th Sir. I was by you when your boys who had sandwiched at the Brookfields carnival cheer up with you.

Just as you know the Idiot sir! Few days ago, your boys almost thrash the Idiot for attempting greet you sir.

Anyway, the Idiot has vowed to forever and ever not dare go near you -His Lordship the Mayor- when at public meeting.

But please sir; is it to your knowledge that a sum totaling Le 880,000,000 was passed on to the Freetown City Council purposely to enhance the construction of an ultra modern market which never happened?

For as long you occupy that precious mayoral chair sir, it is your right to eat at will, embezzle and money given you; be it tax payers own or donor funds.

In fact, I have only asked the above question because I want to keep my record straight.

Trust Mr. Idiot sir, he has no right questioning your authority at all. So, tell me sir, do you have an idea concerning Le 880,000,000 remitted into coffers of the Freetown City Council?

They say you’ve also paid Le 50,000 each as part payment to workers that have gone without salary for four consecutive months’ sir?

No disrespect at all. You know the Idiot shall have to report to executive of the Association of Idiot; an organization you equally belong to. See you later His Lordship sir.

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