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Mr. Idiot: Walks not talks – Parliamentarians!

Mr. Idiot: Walks not talks – Parliamentarians!

The well of Sierra Leone Parliament has had Parliamentarians of political parties- so to say- old but notorious or new but unstable- supporting or criticizing content as in speech recently delivered by President Koroma.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, author)

No doubt seeing Honourable Members of Parliament say things to the thrilling or gratification of the party they represent in Parliament.

Yes, this is what the Idiot proudly says. And don’t forget also that the Idiot has used much much of his time to pick words as they come from deceitful mouths of representatives of the electorates of Sierra Leone.

Great respect to you- Mr. Honourable Speaker sir. I see you are taking a neutral stands as Parliamentarians (sorry plenty talks no walks politicians) dissect President Koroma’s speech in the well of Parliament.

But Mr. Speaker sir, are you sure you’re not playing the ‘conceal but in support’ game?

I too stupid to scrutinize conducts of Sierra Leone’s highly educated Judge, yours respectfully the Speaker of the Sierra Leone House of Parliament.

But inspite of your experience sir, it seems as if your Parliamentarians have not learnt anything from you though.

How, for the sake of God, would persons calling themselves representatives of the people not critic or support mentions as in speech of the President, to reflect national standards rather than confining themselves to selfishly saying things that are treasured by their respective political parties.

To the Idiot, Mr. Speaker, it seems as if your boys have gone adrift. They are like not knowing what they do or say while in the well of Parliament.

Sheeee! I mean Keep quiet! Though still not certain who that Parliamentarian is, the Idiot is told he is a Member of Parliament, a Paramount Chief, a Pastor and virtually an Agriculturist.

Kudos to you sir, Mr. Honourable or Paramount Chief or Man of God or Master Farmer! The Idiot is impressed of your levelheaded contribution, and has included your name in list of politicians to be awarded by the association of idiots (AOI).

Not interested on bogus mentions in the speech of the President, the Idiot has had no time leafing through some of ‘dream talks’ of the President, but rather has underlined some aspects for examination, explanation, identification of oddities and possibly give advise; that’s what those who says are Parliamentarians should have done, and not protruded syndrome of ‘support if you are APC,’ or ‘condemn if you are SLPP.’

Go tell it to the President that his mentions about roads in his speech are seemingly a disappointment to the Idiot. It is so because the 2 or 4 lane roads referred under constructions are seen as practical carcasses.

I am sure the President must have rode through Wilkinson Road to see himself the so-called 4 lanes.

Time allowed, Mr. Idiot will good-naturedly identify the failures of the governing APC in the area of roads, and suggest to the President what to do and not do.

Allow the Idiot stop here anyway. But as he takes leave, it is his wish cautioning Members of Parliament that debate is about discuss, deliberation, contest, argument, question; aiming at reaching a better and conclusive understanding from among individuals though.

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