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Mr. Idiot: hardship, hardship, hardship

Mr. Idiot: hardship, hardship, hardship

The Idiot is displeased over the observable accelerated hardship in the country.  He is also disappointed at dishonest politicians who patrol studios of radio and TV stations to shamelessly tell the easy to fool electorates that the country is OK; Di Pa dae wok.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, Editor)

But to the very shock of the Idiot, it seems as though senior broadcast journalists act as paid up gofers of politicians thus allowing them to frequent news studios to propagate bogus and untruthful statements to poor and innocent Sierra Leoneans.

Now, you may want to ask why Mr. Idiot chooses to deliberately talk on 1, the frequenting of politicians at studios of radio and TV stations and 2, journalists unprofessionally having their names on payrolls of the very politicians.

As a mortal Idiot in being, I have taken my time to investigate why politicians go against the norm as required of them by the electorates, yet deceivingly occupy studios of radio and TV stations to make two-faced statements.

It is compelling nevertheless that the media should be seen as checkmating conduct of foolish politicians and public officers, but not as undercover agents for them.

It is unavoidable that if the media conspires with politicians, the end result is underdevelopment, hardship, nonstop human rights violations and political violence just as experienced of late.

To the Idiot, it is but straightforwardly clear that politicians are lackadaisical of the current hardship in society because they find it easy with the media and have had field days paying money to especially broadcast journalists so that they could be allowed air space to say lies to the electorates.

From what you now read, it is as if the Idiot speaks not as an Idiot anymore, but as a depressed and suffering Sierra Leonean.

Please don’t blame the Idiot for blaming his equals (the media) as contributors to the never-ending hardship befalling the state of Sierra Leone.

Of course, it is of no doubt the Idiot will receive bashing for announcing the hardship in Sierra Leone anyhow, but trust, as an Idiot; a senseless and brainless man, I say guush and whoof to all of you.

How for goodness sake would the price of basic commodities shoot high up, foreign exchange sky rocket and transportation triple, yet politicians pompously occupy studios of radio and TV stations, and are asked cheap and spongy questions by those who say are media practitioners?

Go to the market and ask for the price of rice. You will realize that the so-called Minister of Trade and Industry, Richard Conteh, is a practical a liar anyway, anyhow.

Just last month, if I’m not missing my point, the Trades Minister dishonestly told the people of Sierra Leone that the price of a bag of rice has been reduced to about Le 135,000 per bag knowing same to be false.

Of course, it was all good news for the Idiot. Soon after the airing of the new prices of rice and other commodities, the Idiot quickly caught at a taxi just by his Freetown stall (call it a cubicle…) and moved straight into central Freetown to purposely buy a few bags of rice for the rainy days.

It was all a shame that traders did not consider the Idiot at all, but rather said to him: ‘Mr. Idiot, didn’t you know that most of the Ministers are trained and seasoned liars?’

“Go listen to the radio for the second time and hear what you will again get from the same Trades Minister anyway.”

As if that is not sufficient, on his way home, the Idiot threaded through respective communities in central Freetown where he interviewed people to get first hand information on the standard of living.

Guess what, city residents have had nothing to say but rather just continue to use the word ‘Global,’ a word introduced by the ruling APC and which is taken to mean as ‘hardship’ to the highest degree.

Suffice it to know from the Idiot that almost 80% of homes in Freetown live on a meal a day. Of the 80% only about 20% caters for an appetizing meal.

I am sure a good number of fans of the Idiot don’t want him to comment on the hardship in the country. They don’t because they are of the opinion the Idiot knows not anything about hardship and governance.

True; and you are quite right anyway. But will it shock you to know that some members in the Ernest Bai Koroma cabinet evenly enjoy membership in the Association of Idiots (AOI)?

In fact, in the not too distant future – so to say next month – the Vice President and the Minister of Internal Affairs may possibly take the pleasure as honorary members in the AOI.

And for your information anyway, the forenamed statesmen will only meet the criteria of becoming honorary members in the Association of Idiots if they fulfill the following:

  1. That they are secretly fighting each other for the position of running come 2012.
  2. That they indeed supply t-shirts to Kono youths fascinating them to blow their horns for running mate.
  3. That in fact the ‘Kono shooting’ was as a result of the in fight between the two.
  4. That Musa Tarawally was found with a convoy of over 20 armed bodyguards during his visit in Kono.
  5. And that both the Vice President and his Internal Affairs Minister have been paying money to stalwarts of the APC, all but, for the sake of running mate.

It has however come to the attention of the Idiot that even the roads purportedly under construction in Freetown are said to have stalled owing to lack of finance.

In essence, streets of Freetown are seemingly covered with potholes and mud. Just take a stroll along Wilkinson Road, Wilberforce, Congo Cross and even Goderich and see yourself what the Idiot is saying.

Anyway, for the sake of good manners, the Idiot wants to limit himself to ‘hardship’ which to him is the appalling and terrible situation ordinary Sierra Leoneans now faced.

Papa government, consider the situation of ordinary Sierra Leoneans and try to do something about the living condition of the poor and needy.

This is an appeal but if it fails, it will turn out to something else – will boot you out anyway. So says the Idiot. lonta!

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  • Mr Idiot, I love your articles and always enjoying the reality. Your articles are a mirror of my thinking and God bless you. Sierra Leone today is being turn upside down by these mal contempt politicians, who seek to benefit by any means necessary and deprive the hard working people of their rights and benefits. It is a shame and disgraceful that the changes we went to the polls for the past four years let us down. Alpha Kanu (Khan), should be investigated by the ACC for given too much false information to the public on Radios about things that are happening in the Motherland. The guy can lie. I will take my hat to him, he his a good story teller and a big thief and manipulator. Hope the prayers of the land will catchup with them. Amen.

    16th December 2011

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