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Mr. Idiot questions Obasanjo’s visit

Mr. Idiot questions Obasanjo’s visit

There you are again. The Idiot was left to ponder over reasons surrounding Obasanjo’s ‘mumgbeh’ visits to Sierra Leone.

Anyway, he was told that the former Nigerian President was in Sierra Leone to collect his award from the ruling APC government.

As a senseless and dimwitted Idiot, I was smart enough to listen to comments of the former Nigerian President as he spoke to press men at Sierra Leone’s State House and at his country’s high commission office respectively.

To the Idiot, he was seen as playing the Nigerian game. While at State House, he was soft spoken and was heaping mountains of commendations to the favour of President Koroma and his government.

But while at his country’s high commission house he accused the government of not doing much in terms of youth employment.

Of course, the Idiot was at the press conference at State House and was quick to pick words from the mouth of Obasanjo.

“My visit in Sierra Leone is in solidarity of the President and his people for honouring me during Sierra Leone’s 50th anniversary celebrations.”

By the above quote, it is but apparent that the visit of the former Nigerian President was to say thank you to the Sierra Leone government on account of award bestowed him.

I am sure Obasanjo knows he was in Sierra Leone not to just say thank you to the Sierra Leone government, but to also lobby his way for a plot in one of the oil blocks recently discovered around waters offshore of Sierra Leone.

Don’t you dare doubt the Idiot at all? But if you chose to, then go ahead.

It must be noted that the Idiot is a master farmer and has had keen interest in animal husbandry.

It is against this that he deceitfully became a buddy of Chief Obasanjo, who practically is the owner of the largest cattle farm in Africa.

And I am sure Chief Obasanjo is frightened over the spread of the mad cow disease that has killed millions of cattle and is still killing more in regions around Africa.

Of course, Chief Obasanjo, is conscious of the economic consequences in befalling the business of cattle rearing and has long expressed interest in the exploration and mining of oil in West Africa, but failed in both Ghana and in his country Nigeria respectively.

I know my brothers out there will laugh at the stupid and crazy comments of the Idiot of a type. Yes, I am a stupid Idiot, but trust me; even Chief Obasanjo knows I am not a stupid Idiot at all.

Didn’t you know he was with me and we both fought the Biafra war together?

In fact, it was then that he revealed his interest in the business of oil.

My people, country men, the Idiot was shocked when Chief Obasanjo deceivingly told press men at the Sierra Leone State House that he was here to say thank you to the Sierra Leone government.

He told also that Chief Obasanjo chooses to spin around Sierra Leone because he knows it is practically a soft spot for him.

The Idiot still imagined Chief Obasanjo blinking his eyes thus cautioning the Idiot not to dare expose his reasons for visiting Sierra Leone.

You all know that the late Sani Abach has had a street named after him, Maxwell Kobi too. As for Chief Obasanjo, he has asked that a plot he now bargains for be given the name Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Oil Plot.

Ah ah ah, was he not the man Ibrahim Badamasi Banbagida last week called a ‘stupid’ folk?

The Idiot is surprised that the true reason for Chief Obasanjo’s visit to Sierra Leone was leaked to Banbagida weeks before he left.

And that it was as a result of this that he (Chief Obasanjo) went into a war of words with his Nigerian brother.

How for goodness sake would a veteran soldier vexed because he was called a stupid man. What then would people say about the Idiot, who after fighting the first, second, Cameroon and other wars, is still ungratefully called a stupid Idiot, yet have said nothing to them that humiliating him.

It is without doubt that Chief Obasanjo was angry with his brother Banbagida because he wants to expose reasons for his visit to Sierra Leone.

It is with pleasure that the Idiot respectfully reports to you all that there was a secret meeting between two soldiers/politicians.

And in the meeting it was agreed that either party should not at all betray the other… we’ve both lived as soldiers and we shall die as soldiers; leave those bloody civilians anyway.

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