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Mr. Idiot – President Koroma Don Baranta

Mr. Idiot – President Koroma Don Baranta

Krin krin krin, the phone rings; “Hello, who is speaking sir”, Mr. Idiot asked. “Is that the most Stupid Idiot?” the caller asked.  “Yes sir,” he replied. “But please stop calling me stupid Idiot; I am Mr. Idiot – the cleverest you can find in Sierra Leone sir. Anyway, can I help you sir?”  the Idiot said.

To the amazement of the Idiot, the caller identifies himself as one calling from the office of the President, but did not tell his name at all.

“Mr. Idiot, I hereby authoritatively say to you that that presumptuous PMDC Minister, Dr. Dennis Sandy, is being sacked by Di Pa and the release will be put out in a few hours from now!”

“And you know what Mr. Idiot,” the unknown caller said,” if I dare you mention that you got the information from a State House source even before the official announcement was made, I will not be indecisive to deal with you – you stupid Idiot of a type.”

Well, as a considerate Idiot, I will practically not tell anyone that the information concerning the sacking of the Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs was told to me by a State House source at all.

But trust me; I will also not hesitate to say that President Koroma is seemingly becoming a dictator… and please don’t ask me how.  But if you insist, I will have no hesitation telling you at all.

I, the Idiot observed with dismay that President Koroma is deeper into the habits of sacking Ministers and not giving any reason (s) for sacking them.

No wonder red raw revelations from the Minister of Information, Pa. I.B Kargbo that it should be no surprise hearing that the President has sacked his Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs.

To the Idiot, the unwarranted sacking of state Ministers apparently questions conduct of the President and has been seen as ‘no democracy in democracy.’

Be not bothered with nonsensical statements of an Idiot of a type at all. Idiots are Idiots; they are senseless, dimwitted and nonsensical – they do not have the competence to distinguish between a levelheaded and an unwise person.

How dare the Idiot refer to Di Pa as going against principles of true democracy?

Anyway, and please stop libeling Mr. Idiot. I have not accused President Koroma of going against principles of democracy oh, I only said: “no democracy in democracy,” the rest is left you who are clever to interpret the sayings of an Idiot.

Thank God, the Idiot is a stupid Idiot and knows nothing, but senseless and nonsense things.

All I know I am able explain is that in democracy there is always transparency, so to say, happens must be well told to the electorates.

You keep calling me a stupid Idiot; I will practically not be bordered at all.

And I must say on no unascertained terms that I condemned President Koroma’s sacking of number of Ministers without stating reasons for doing so.

The Idiot is not sure President Koroma understands where exactly he is being driven to.

Now, Your Excellency sir, as the cleverest Idiot in Sierra Leone, a senseless, nonsense, brainless and thick headed man, I was told that you’ve vowed putting on a ‘Kafri Gawn’ in readiness to sack your Ministers fiti fata.

Pa, nor fred for sack dem oh, u know say Gaima and Arrow Bockarie nar PMDC pikin dem. But what about u Temne brother dem- di Bambali Kabal.

Mr. Idiot’s attention has however been drawn to rumours that the sacking of Dr. Dennis Sandy has political undertones.

It is hoped that President Koroma will unavoidably tell Sierra Leoneans the reasons for his sacking of the Minister of Social Welfare.

Anyway, being guided by the fact that Idiots are brainless, it is the respectful of Mr. Idiot to graciously say that camp APC and Koromaism is in dividing line; instead of embarking on issues of state concerns they’re bent on calling the SLPP party leader a rebel and are at war of words with the PMDC leader.

Sheeee, ar say sheee sheee, you talk talk political commentators. If you dare call the Idiot SLPP or PMDC because he has said the truth, he will have no option but deal with you head-on; you fools (sorry stooges) I say.

Yes, aren’t you once accused the Idiot of being APC because he calls Maada Bio a serialized Coupist? Aren’t you also pointed fingers at the Idiot because he stood his grounds to exposing land grabbing overindulgences of the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone?  Big fools!

I, the Idiot, cannot be wrong of what I said, but will unavoidably say that separating the past, present and future has only the meaning of an illusion, albeit a tenacious one.

This is so because in President Koroma’s campaign promises he told the electorates that he will guarantee the equal rights of all (past), but having being elected, his wife is seen using state powers to appropriate the property of a vulnerable Sierra Leonean citizen (Bassam Basma), and he (President Koroma), though knowledgeable, has made no attempt preventing his wife disadvantage the poor (present), yet, confidently believes he will be voted for a second term in office come 2012 (future).

The Idiot has been told that some international journalists have visited the disputed land site at Aberdeen and have taken photos of the land.

Whether or not these journalists will meet with the respective fighting forces – the First Lady and Bassam Basma for a talk, is the hundred plus questions the Idiot looks out for.

Now, could it be true that a Minister in the Koroma’s government patrols bars in Freetown on alcoholic extravaganza – the Idiot has vowed taking up a ‘tour of duty’ at Bathurst Street and elsewhere, and will without fear name shame the so-called enjoyment Minister. Bye-bye.

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