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Searchlight reporting June 15, 2011

Searchlight reporting June 15, 2011

Where is Philip Lukulay of Maritime fame?

Suddenly, one of these days the Searching Man just had the funny thought that it seems the former Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration, Mr. Philip Lukuley, seems to have just disappeared from the face of planet earth.

Our search man has been searching for the Lukulay but up until now could not find him at all.

Folks can recall that Philip Lukulay was so powerful at the Maritime Administration that it appears as if the place was his.

His word was ‘law’ at the place. He was feared. He was revered. He was venerated. Workers bowed before him when they addressed him.

Then one day, the Anti Corruption Commission hit him with a one hundred and ninety four count charge for corrupt practices, abuse of office and unlawful acquisition of wealth.

Folks can also recall that the day these charges were slammed on him, poor Lukulay collapsed and was admitted at the Choitram Hospital at Hill Station west of Freetown for two consecutive weeks with a Police Officers standing guard over him.

As at now, worries of the Searcher is that it is as if the Anti Corruption Commission have failed to submit red raw testimonies exposing corruption over indulgences of Lukulay Di Marinetime Bomba.

Of course, it is no more a secret that ACC’s snail pace prosecution of Lukulay has brought worries to the minds of people of this country.

They want to see Philip Lukulay pay for his stewardship. Now! Right now! 

And what about Rev. Mayor?

Boastful that his powerful team can find out anyone even if he/she hides in the bowels of the earth or in the depths of the sea, the Searching Man has to confess that whatever it is, the City Father, His Worshipfulness Reverend Herbert George Williams, though trying to play smart will not hide from the beam of Sierra Leone’s searcher technocrat.

Please go tell the Mayor that he is using ancient technology and the Searcher has got it all.

Because Reverend Father Herbert George Williams has taken combat position, hiding from the Searcher, he will make the front page of this paper’s next publication. Don’t forget, his name is in list of persons caught in abominable activities at the National Stadium hostels some months ago. The more he remains in hiding the more questions the Searcher has for him.

If the Searcher were to meet him he will ask him the following questions:

(1). Mr. Mayor, kindly tell the people of this poor nation how you spent almost a billion Leones to demolish the Freetown City Hall.

(2). Mr. Mayor, why is it that in spite of the billions of Leones you gather annually you cannot meet the bills of your workers? Where do you expend such monies?

(3). Mr. Mayor, why are you sweating buckets and having nightmares over the investigation into how your Chief Administrator, Mr. Bowenson Philips, allegedly spent a huge sum of money on a workshop? (4). Mr. Mayor, why have you, a press lover, suddenly started hiding from Journalists?

(5). Mr. Mayor, people still say you left the Wackenhut Security Company under very unsavory circumstances. Do you wish to explain why you were sacked there?

There are more questions but perhaps the good old Mayor would like to answer these five, take a rest and then more questions would follow. The Searching Man is patient…he can wait for the answers and then follow up with others. 

No more banking for the Searching Man

Honestly, when he first heard the word, the Searching Man thought that it was either a joke or someone was trying to be mischievous.

But when he saw the notice at the bank yesterday, that anybody saving money in the bank has to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) on such money, he said a very bad word that made an old lady nearby frown her face and shake her head at him.

My People, the Searcher is now well informed that when you put your money in the bank, you have to pay GST on that money plus the normal service fee.

If you ask this most learned philosopher, good old Searcher, he will tell you that this is a very bad policy for business, one that will discourage people from saving their money in the bank.

He thinks Government need to reverse this style of unreasonable and senseless policy immediately or else it is going to affect the banks in a very bad way.

To evade this senseless policy, right now, the Searching Man and like minded thinkers like him are digging the ground in their houses to start hiding their money where the GST will not shorten their savings. 

Now the Lecturers at FBC receive frowns

Now people are blaming the Lecturers at Fourah Bay College because they have finally gone on strike even though they gave Government a long notice.

Funnily, no one is blaming the Government who refused to treat with seriousness the threats of the Academic Staff Association (ASA) at the college that they were going to down tools if their conditions of service were not improved.

When the notice of strike was given, sometime last month, The Searcher was thinking that at least Government would engage the poor Lecturers and see how they can reach a mutually acceptable compromise.

But alas, no! They ignored them and now they have carried out their threats…and people have started casting aspersions on them.

The Searching Man is of the opinion that the Lecturers have not been treated with the seriousness they deserve and therefore urges Government to engage them now before things get out of control.

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