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Where is Philip Lukulay of Maritime fame? Suddenly, one of these days the Searching Man just had the funny thought that it seems the former Executive Director of

Prices of basic commodities continue to rise thereby raising a standing advantage in the country’s economic war front. The penury stricken masses continue to hold the belief that

The National Revenue Authority, the agency responsible for collecting revenues for the government has met with representatives from the Network of Economic and Development Reporters (NEDER) in a

Listeners say of thought reads disappointment past Friday shortly after it was observed that the moderator of regular BBC World Service Trust Radio show,, unprofessionally handled contextual issues

The National Revenue Authority was created by an Act of Parliament in 2002 to among other functions, generate revenue for the smooth running of government. Prior to its

During an exclusive interview with this medium, a staff in the National Revenue Authority’s (NRA) PR unit has maintained, that “the NRA is every determined, focused and always

As a way of regularly informing the public on what the National Revenue Authority has been doing over the years, the Authority, on Saturday, October 30th, took a

Hon. Alimamy Kamara of the ruling All Peoples Congress party, yesterday called his colleague Parliamentarians and Sierra Leoneans at large to celebrate for what the NRA, especially the

The President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has stated during the state opening of parliament on 8th October, 2010, that we are as a nation, ‘increasing revenues by broadening