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Prison Officers – Drug Traffickers

Prison Officers – Drug Traffickers

The Sierra Leone central maximum prison situated at the main highway of Pademba Road is seemingly a drug and gun marketing center.

Such, our findings revealed, was aided by a band of unscrupulous and unpatriotic prison officers, who for any rotten reason, trafficked diamba ‘cannabis sativa’ to inmates of the prison at will.

Just last week, a kilo or so of red raw diamba was announced arrested in the possession of prison officers wanting to traffic same into the prison yard.

It is a fact that for long the Sierra Leone maximum prison has had officers trafficking drugs, guns and other dangerous items, to and from the prison yard at their resolve.

Disclosures have it that a considerable number of prison officers boast being wealthy owing to their involvement in the trafficking of drugs, guns and monies into the prison yard.

Some, it is revealed, attract the Director of Prisons with bribes to secure a permanent posting at the prison yard, so as to permit them to traffic drugs, guns and sometimes money to respective inmates of the prison.

This brings to remembrance how convicted or remanded prisoners pay money to big name prison officers, luring them unlawfully to include their names into lists of prisoners officially admitted at hospitals outside the prison yard.

Yes, it is so. And because particularly political prisoners don’t like being docked amidst common criminals, they pay big money to the prison chain of command so that they could be given preferential and reverential treatments.

No wonder calamity befalls the Sierra Leone central maximum prison almost half quarterly, half yearly or yearly; if not jail break; it is trafficking of dangerous drugs to prisoners.

But again, who truly should be held accountable for these unusual happenings at the Sierra Leone prison yard – junior officers, senior management officers, or government?

Be it known however that the Sierra Leone prison yard no longer looks like a place where people are kept for corrective measures, but rather a center for money making.

Some months ago, over 50 inmates of the Sierra Leone prison marched past secured iron gates to make their freedom, using pistols to scare junior officers on security duty.

To this, I rest my case, and therefore submissively urge government and management of the prison department to put measures in place to prevent the trafficking activities.

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