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The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr Sheka Tarawally, aka Shekito, has admonished Prison Officers in the country to treat inmates humanely. “Prisoners are human beings and no matter

According to Awoko Newspaper, February, 2013: “Government is currently working on a project to relocate the maximum security prison - Pademba Road to another location."  My understanding is

For the first time in history - on New Year’s Day 2013 at Pademba Road Prison in Freetown Sierra Leone, Papay Zua, Daddy Rhymes, Fantacee and Dynce perform to

As part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ mandate is the supervision and management of all sectors under its purview, the ministry of internal affairs in a not

Desmond Melvin Pratt, a serving member of the Sierra Leone Prisons Department, yesterday appeared before Magistrate Johannes Wellington of Court 2, to answer to two count charges of

The Sierra Leone central maximum prison situated at the main highway of Pademba Road is seemingly a drug and gun marketing center. Such, our findings revealed, was

“In today’s Independent magazine: a shocking article on the child inmates at Pademba Road prison,” a text message from Ade Daramy read.  I had just woken up, switched

One of 19 prison escapees yesterday pleaded guilty as charged. Alpha Ngobeh, who until last week was wanted for lawful escape from the Central Prison (Pademba Prison), was a

Revelations surrounding the alleged re-arrest of 17 escaped inmates of Central Prison by the Sierra Leone police yesterday proved deceit shortly after 8 appeared before Magistrate Wellington of