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‘Make Salone’ tour and campaign 2011

‘Make Salone’ tour and campaign 2011

One of the best music groups in the United States (ALL OUT) is to launch a ‘MAKE SALONE TOUR AND CAMPAIGN in Sierra Leone 2011’. The purpose of this tour is to preach Togetherness, Consciousness, and Redevelopment of our beloved country Sierra Leone.

Togetherness, there is a lot of differentiation with in Sierra Leoneans especially those back home in Sierra Leone. Political differences, Tribal differences, Gender differences, Social differences, and a lot of other differences. For instance Sierra Leone is a very small Country and we have more than 8 political parties and every election there is always one or two new political parties and almost all of this political parties have almost the same agenda about Sierra Leone we really don’t understand why we have all these political parties with the same agenda –  the only different things about these parties is the symbol of each party.

Why can’t all these politicians just come together and form two or three political parties if they really all want to run Sierra Leone for the interest of the Country instead of everybody forming their own separate parties.  This just show us that there is no togetherness between Sierra Leone politicians, or most of them just want to rule the Country for their own personal interest.

America only has two main political parties even though they have their differences, at the end of the day they work on their differences and work as one for the interest and development of their Country.

Tribal differences is one of the greatest things I have seen. In the United States everybody is ‘Sierra Leonean’ we all do everything together, nobody will ask you in America what tribe are you? You can only tell the person’s tribe if they speak their local tribal language, beside that we all do everything together we don’t differentiate ourselves because of tribal difference. This is the same scenario we want Sierra Leoneans back home to adopt. We want togetherness among all the kind of groups and organizations. The more we all can come together and do things we all can see and understand how things can get easier and better.

The Sierra Leone American musicians although there is some artists that have their differences that does not mean we are all not the same. Most of the artists in America help support each other. We particularly are cool with everybody we have helped promote and support other artist shows. This is what all artists should do because it doesn’t matter what kind of artist you are, you must need the other artist one way or the other.

Consciousness – most Sierra Leoneans back home, especially the Youth, lack Consciousness. They seem to believe in anything people tell them, especially if you are coming from overseas. People leave from America, London and other parts of the world and go to Sierra Leone and tell them all types of things and our Sierra Leonean people all the time fall for it and believe these people with doing any research about them. For example there are many people going back joining and forming political parties – they tell the Sierra Leonean people what they want to hear.  Most of the time the Sierra Leonean people don’t really know much about these people, what they do, how they get their money they use to campaign with, or what have they done for Sierra Leone in the past, they just believe whatever they tell them. Sierra Leoneans have this first impression belief which is not good that most times leads us to the wrong part. We want all Sierra Leoneans back home to not fall for these things. All the things that these people that live overseas and go back home and tell our Sierra Leonean people are really not true or what they think it is.

Redevelopments – The development of Sierra Leone doesn’t only depend on the Sierra Leone Government it’s also the responsibility of all Sierra Leoneans all over the world. If all Sierra Leoneans all over the world can help solve the little problems in Sierra Leone in any we think it will play a great role in developing Sierra Leone.

We all complain about problems that affect Sierra Leone but we don’t talk about what we need to do to solve most of the problems. For instance riot, most of the riot violence that happens is unnecessary.  Why will you want to go fight against your own brother or destroy property for someone that probably does not even know your first or last name?  Most of these youths fight against each other for some political or social reasons, why will you want to kill your own brother or family members for some Politician or somebody that don’t even know you? You should really ask yourself if I fight for this politician, or somebody, what am I going to gain from this fight because at the end of the day you will end up getting harmed or arrested and the person you fight for doesn’t even show up at your funeral. These are some of the things we want our Sierra Leonean people to know about.

When we formed this group we should have just done music for our own benefit and exposure but the first track we recorded was a song for our country (Make Salone). We talk about a lot in this song, the message in this song means a lot to all Sierra Leoneans, we are doing music for a lot of reasons. Most of our songs on our upcoming album (The Next Level) will have a personal connection to our fans – we talk about every day life problems that happen to everybody and at the same time try to give advice and courage to our fans as how to deal with these problems.  At the same time we try to produce an entertaining song for our fans something you can listen to that can relate to you and you can dance and enjoy it. Not only do we talk about these problems but we are also trying to find ways to help in any way we can to help solve these problems.  For instance. we have performed and helped promote and organize shows for Charity organizations like Tegloma in the United States to help raise money for a local hospital in Sierra Leone. We want Sierra Leoneans all over the world to ask every Sierra Leonean they know about the problems affecting Sierra Leone, and then ask, “but what have you done to solve these problems if you really care about Sierra Leone?”


by SEM contributor Kamara

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