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Ambassador Stevens’ Caretaker Executive and the Theory of Divide and Rule!

Ambassador Stevens’ Caretaker Executive and the Theory of Divide and Rule!

When Ambassador Bockarie Stevens decided to dissolve the APC North America branch and replaced it with a Five Chapter Committee with a Caretaker Executive, I am assuming he must have consulted with the best brains in his team. I am also assuming that he must have looked into the requirements that Chapters must meet before qualifying as a Chapter under the APC North America branch. Otherwise, he would be acting on impulse, and that is not good for our Republic. Assuming that the former is the case, it is surprising that right after I released my first article which questions the legitimacy of his actions, members of his team started making phone calls to my younger brother Aziz Turay, who happens to be the president of the Arizona Chapter, attempting to pacify and get him to work with them. This is a clear attempt of divide and rule strategy. It is ironical that after our Chapter was knocked off as unqualified to be part of the North America branch, here are the ambassador’s stooges trying to use the president of this Chapter for their own good.

Aziz Turay cannot be used as a tool and stooge to perpetrate ill motivated agendas. One of the supporters of the Ambassador’s decision had already described Aziz Turay and me in the Cocorioko discussion forum as two educated fools. Why would they want to use an educated fool to promote their dubious agendas? Has one of the educated fools become a valuable tool for the caretaker government overnight? How cynical! Is this action directed by reason or dominated by passion? This is Machiavelli’s theory in motion – the theory of divide and rule where the ruler acquires a flexible disposition and is capable of varying his or her conduct from good to evil and back again, as fortune and circumstances dictate.

The Arizona Chapter cannot be muzzled by some cheap shot of a last minute inclusion for the purpose of scoring political points. Our position as a Chapter has always been and will always remain as neutral and directed toward what is constitutional and prudent for our nation. We are not fighting for Chairman Conteh as an individual but we stand by him as the legitimate Chairman until such time as would be appropriate to organize a convention and hold elections. We will therefore fight against any form of subjugation or social exploitation. I have nothing against Ambassador Stevens other than his policies toward the North America branch and against the legitimate Chairman of the branch. We have real policies and by-laws concerning our branch and must be followed, regardless of the circumstances. What would happen if the deputy Sierra Leonean Ambassador should wake up one morning and decide to dissolve Ambassador Steven’s caretaker executive without following the constitutional process of dissolution? Would the ambassador be happy and say it is okay, or would he react by asking questions? We are merely asking the same questions based on the manner in which the Ambassador carried out his actions.

Why would the Ambassador’s team members want to use Aziz Turay as the moderator of their town hall meeting in New York if they already had competent people to run the North America branch? This is a clear example of why we believe the ambassador’s actions were merely calculated to hijack the North America branch and hand it over to people who seek nothing else but their personal interests. Why would it take this long for the ambassador and his team to show us proof of where the directives came from? Could it be that the said directives came from the Ambassador’s camp and not from any higher authority in Freetown? This looks fishy and surreptitious to me, and I am sure it looks the same to many people around the world. Hence the public outcry! Let us wash our dirty linens and come back to real business if we want to survive as a strong political organization in the Diaspora! Until then, we will still be demanding answers and will continue to operate as a branch under the leadership of Chairman Osman Conteh.

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