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Within the last few days, rumours were being circulated that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is going to delete over 7,000 Teachers from government pay vouchers

Like many other development partners, the relationship between the World Food Program (WFP) and the people of Sierra Leone has lasted over a long period of time dating

Anytime there is a delay in payment of Teachers’ Salaries, the public raises eye brows at the Ministry of Education and blames the government for not doing enough

Within the last several years, the decline in our standard of education has been blamed, exclusively, on the Ministry of Education because this is the government entity that

The Ministry of Education has, on numerous occasions, come under attack from members of the public; particularly Teachers and Lecturers and sometimes students; all of whom are directly

Quite recently; a little over a week ago to be precise, President Koroma announced his first set of men and women who would constitute his next Cabinet.  In

It is stated in Chinua Achebe’s Novel, “Things Fall Apart”, that “The Lizard that Jumps from the high Iroko tree to the ground said it will praise itself

As we enter into a political era that signals great “prosperity” for our nation, President Koroma is making his sound and uninterrupted judgment of selecting his team of

Within the last two weeks, I have read, with very keen interest, the different articles on John Oponjo Benjamin’s personal and political life but I was more drawn