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He is not winning, so why won’t he give up?

He is not winning, so why won’t he give up?

In the Wednesday October 26 edition of ‘The Exclusive’ newspaper, Mohamed One Drop Sankoh ponders whether Christiana Thorpe was the SLPP’s creation of the Frankenstein monster. To enable readers to see the irrelevance of the article to the facts before us, it may be necessary to comment on the two main words of his headline. The definition of monster does not by any stretch of imagination flatter his heroine who is the reappointed chairman of the National Electoral Commission (NEC). To begin with I am sure that if Umaru Fofana had all the disclosure about this lady at his disposal at time of his BBC statement he most probably would have been less generous in the broadcast to which One Drop refers.  (Photo: Dr Sama Banya)

Who or what is a monster?

The dictionary describes it as “a deformed animal or plant, an imaginary beast usually composed of incongruous parts. A person who is horrifyingly cruel, brutal, selfish, etc. Something of extraordinarily great size.”

In 1818 Mary Shelly wrote about a scientist Victor Frankenstein who decided to build a living person from various organs and better still from people who had died. When the creature grows to life he is hideous- the rest is all horror. Is this the light in which one drop in his desperation to criticize critics of Christiana Thorpe would like us to perceive his heroine? Nevermind his story of an SLPP creation.

I will say categorically that Christiana Thorpe was recommended to former President Tejan-Kabbah with the best intentions. Like President Ernest Bai Koroma who is following in those footsteps, the primary objective was to give women an equal opportunity in the governance of the country. It was never the former President’s intention to use her to promote the interest of the SLPP or the good lady would have spilled the beans long before now.

One Drop has brought the personal life of his heroine into the public domain by linking her with former SLPP MP Sam Maligie who (by coincidence?) is now a convert to the APC. Instead of innuendos he would be doing this nation a great favour by revealing that during the entire election process Sam Maligie or an emissary from former President Tejan-Kabbah had attempted to persuade Ms. Thorpe to do anything that she thought wrong.

If I were One Drop Sankoh I would by now have given up all those futile efforts to defend Christiana Thorpe who no doubt worked under pressure from the special regime change task force that was in the country at the time. Perhaps One Drop may now provide answers to the questions which Sylvia Blyden and I have continued to raise soon after September 17, 2007.  Why was Ms. Thorpe unable to reconcile those figures, the initial ones at 8.30 and the final ones at 9.30? Why did she not publish the figures of each of the 477 polling stations that she had invalidated, figures that ought to have been certified by the presiding officers and the agents of the candidates? Why did she go ahead and remove those figures from the NEC website even as the controversy over her dubious actions was gaining momentum?

When will Mohamed One Drop Sankoh give up his efforts to defend Christiana Thorpe as unproductive?

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  • It is now time to lay the 2007 election to rest.Unprogressive people dwell too much on the past the is not relievant to ongoing progress taking place in the country. Dr headache when are you going to retire?

    28th October 2010

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