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Defending the indefensible – I pity One Drop Sankoh

Defending the indefensible – I pity One Drop Sankoh

I am convinced that the likes of Mohamed One Drop Sankoh write what they do, not out of conviction but because it is the thing to do at this moment in our country’s history. Sadly it is a period when most people would prefer to be counted with the winner than face the facts of their own conviction. Mohamed One Drop will support or defend anyone even remotely perceived to be a blind supporter of this government’s record in many areas. And the young man now finds himself caught in Christiana Thorpe’s web of deception and hoodwinking of a “gullible” population. How did he allow himself to swallow that bait of minutes of a NEC meeting which was allegedly signed by all members of the National Electoral Commission NEC on September 11, 2007? (photo: Christiana Thorpe)

From Daphne Olu-Willoiams’ disclosure, no, from her accusations of the doings of Christiana Thorpe with other peoples’ signatures, it may just be conceivable that Christiana Thorpe signed those minutes herself. The point at issue however is poor Sankoh’s cooing over what he considers a propaganda scoop with which he had hoped to silence the woman’s critics like the indomitable Sylvia Blyden and Puawui Sama Banya.  Would it surprise him to learn that it was part of Christiana Thorpe’s strategy of preparing the minds of the public about what she, along with her patrons of regime change, aided by their specially recruited computer doctor, Carlos Valenzuela for what they had decided to do whatever the true figures?

However the scheme backfired in that their diabolical plan notwithstanding, Thorpe their heroine just could not get the figures to tally. We had pointed this out to the public as far back as September 2007 when Ms. Thorpe’s own doctored figures could not add up, not even after a whole night of fiddling or the mad scramble to get them right between 8.30 and 9.30 on the fateful morning of September 17, 2007.

My wonder continues to be why Mohamed One Drop continues to defend the scheming lady when a simple fact had nailed her lie not to a Cross but to Satan’s walking stick.

If there had been over voting in Kailahun, why did the NEC chairman not publish for all to see, figures for each polling station with the signatures of the presiding officer and the polling agent of each candidate? Why, yes, and why the INDECENT HASTE with which ordered the removal of all NEC election result figures from their website? It is thus neither Sylvia Blyden nor Sama Banya who has been shamed, but him who has fallen victim to the woman’s scheming.

Why should anyone including our head of state continue to repose confidence in Christiana Thorpe when none of her actions in NEC has been honourable?

Imagine the scenario; she draws up a job description which she gazettes and which receives wide publicity about the required qualification for two top jobs in NEC. She was quite unequivocal and did not even add an escape clause like “or so many years work experience with an Electoral commission etc.” Next she fraudulently fills those vacancies with her preferred BUT UNQUALIFIED personnel in the persons of Steven Mattia and Miatta French. She succeeded in getting His Excellency and subsequently the APC Parliament to swallow the deception in recommending the same Mattia for elevation to the rank of electoral commissioner.

She is again using the same ploy to get Miatta French appointed as Electoral commissioner for the western area. Miatta French’s case is aggravated by the fact that she has worked under Christiana Thorpe from FAWE to NEC and now his Excellency and Parliament are supposed to give the nod for her elevation.

They say “SILENCE IS GOLDEN,” but believe me there are times when SILENCE COULD BE ACUTELY PAINFUL. But as one of Shakespeare’s characters would say, “Above my stars yet my state is well, I am a gentleman.” I shall continue to be silent over Philip Neville’s behaviour but I will NEVER BE INTIMIDATED by them.

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  • Old Banya, You deserve all the disgrace and molestation these Guys are piling on you. Your politics is one sided with nothing credible in all your deliberations against this A.P.C. Government. Mrs. Thorpe is a wise and God fearing person not like you being branded a big political traitor. Where were you when James Jonah presented his election results in 2002?. I quess you were deaf and blind. You accepted every result Jonah sent out. God will punish you.

    7th October 2010
  • Pa, I know you are an old man now and perhaps a very wise one. Can you please explain to me how a voting turnout of more than 100% is possible?. I am not very good at maths but one thing I know, it is impossible to have more than 100% turnout at a polling station.

    6th October 2010

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