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PMDC and the 2012 Election

PMDC and the 2012 Election

The million dollar question that members of the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) need to answer to is whether the political anchor of the party will hold firm and ensure that the pillars keep propelling.

My question is what are the party’s electoral chances come 2012 when the leader of the movement, C.F. Margai continues to exhibit dictatorial tendencies that have almost succeeded in destroying the very foundation upon which the party was built – positive change?

One political figure in the party has described Margai as a tilapia fish that troubles the water any time he wants to cause mischief and will be the first to start complaining. I have just been informed by a reliable source within the party that the party’s national delegate convention in 2011 will feature all other national positions except that of the leadership. If this is anything to go by one may be tempted to ask the following questions:

Will Margai secure a vote that will influence a run-off?

If so, who will the party lend his vote to this time around; will it be the APC or SLPP?

By the look of things, the party currently lacks what it takes to secure a vote that will cause a run off because the membership of the party is politically devastated and malnourished, hence it cannot create the desired impact compared to what it did in 2007. Probably, PMDC as a party still believe that God will work miracle for them, given the fact that up to date the party’s financial status is in miserable condition, so to speak, to the extent that conducting the proposed 2011 party convention is not forthcoming, let alone talk of monies for the 2012 election will be a Herculean task, not to mention the financing the 2012 election.

Will the SLPP be generous like the APC to single handedly finance the PMDC convention this time round? The APC government, on the other hand, has vowed not to help this time around because they cannot be carrying some one under their arm pit while the said individual is bitterly complaining that the arm pit stinks.

The two biggest financial pillars of the party, Dauda Tombo Bangura and Femi Abron quit the party because of the so-called benevolent dictator, C.F. Margai. The degree of political sycophancy of party supporters is also a major problem as all those that have quit the party for very genuine reasons are branded as liabilities, regardless of their hard work.

Who are the assets of the party? Tommy Kargbo and William Tucker?

PMDC as a party believes that the gentleman agreement between the incumbent APC and the PMDC has fallen on the rocks and that ever in their lives would they enter any further agreement with the APC.

If the PMDC has vowed not to have any business with the APC, it is obvious that their next choice is the SLPP.

This writer is patiently looking forward to the much talked about 2012 elections.

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  • The present situation in the PMDC is a bad omen for APC and a sad move by the APC to undo the very existence of the PMDC.Now those that are political weak see it as a success for APC, yet those who know see it as a political sucide by the APC government.Time will tell.
    Joseph P.R.China

    9th September 2010
  • Don’t you think the PMDC is now a dead rat? :)….you guys are crazy…

    8th September 2010
  • PMDC is a movement that has come to redeem the people of Sierra Leone from the hands of the wicked ones who believe in their personal interest.Like isrealites our target is the state house. Let the people talk we will surely cross the red sea to the promise land.Pmdc is built on the foundation of faith and commitment towards our mission.My brothers and sisters many are called but few are chosen.Not all Isrealites that left egypt entered the promise land .some died on the way while others droped because they did not believe that God was leading them throug Moses.Many are called but few are chosen.In God we trust as the only electorate so far leadership is concern. What God has destine no man can deny it.

    8th September 2010

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