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The Defense Minister You Don’t Know

The Defense Minister You Don’t Know

The good books, referred to as books of ‘wisdom’ and which guide mankind in the things they do, the Bible, Quran, etc,  say ‘a prophet is not respected in his land of birth’ and that, ‘the value of a shade is not known until the tree is cut down.’  (Photo: Major Alfred Palo Conteh, Defence Minister)

To them that acclaim big titles as clergies of religious institutions, quotes as aforementioned, have extreme values and makes true of the typical and uncalled for characters of man as upright beings.

Straight to the point, it is important saying things good and to discourage the continuance of bad circulation of information about persons in positions of trust by especially some section of the media.

The name Alfred Palo Conteh seemingly takes prominence on front pages of newspapers of this country.

And much of what the papers propagate of the forenamed minister (Palo Conteh) depicts bad or negative publicity, hinging on either ineffectiveness or raw blackmail.

It was virtually an amazement to discover that what was known to be the dirtiest barracks in Freetown, Wilberforce barracks, today enjoys the fullness of a germ-free hygienic environment.

Passing through quarters of junior and senior army officers of Wilberforce Barracks, the good sense of a sanitized environment, 2-4-7 supply of power and the completeness of the operations of senior and junior canteens for serving officers saw the advent of the loud music by delighted army personnel.

Of course, and no doubt, seeing one of Sierra Leone’s oldest military hospitals – the 34 Hospital, up to the task in matching up with other hospitals rated as best in the sub region, making available standard medical equipment for a better and acceptable treatments for sick and needy soldiers.

All, as said above, visibly came into existence under Conteh’s tenure as Defense Minister.

Upright members of the military have told this press that the bulk of personnel of the military prefer Palo Conteh than all past ministers.

“Apart from him being a performing minister, he is strong, fit and has the quality to interact with all classes of persons in the rank and file of the army,” soldiers say of their minister.

It was also told that President Koroma’s recent announcement for the supply of rice to soldiers came as a result of Conteh’s enthusiasm in having the soldiers get ‘general benefits’ than ‘individual profitability’ as was the case in previous times.

Palo’s partway to politics and his over performance as a government minister, we are told, is of no doubt but one of ambition and family inheritance.

Trust not those who say the negative. Of course, listen to what they say, but always try to ascertain the information you get from them, or will be deceiving you.

More detail next publication.

Guest Writer Ibrahim Samura

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