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The ghost of Solo B appears to African Champion

The ghost of Solo B appears to African Champion

He had been reported by the African Champion newspaper as being in an India hospital and at the point of death. Even after several reports of his being alive and well, the newspaper still declared him in hospital with doctors fighting to save his life. That was just one week ago. The unofficial official APC mouthpiece the Torchlight newspaper added spice to the story of how a generous President had spent upwards of US $31,000 to save the man’s life without telling its readers where the money came from. And then it happened in Bo on Sunday August 22 during the funeral ceremonies of the SLPP’s popular member Dr. Alfred Salia Fawundu. A very healthy looking Solomon Berewa (in photo) walked into the hall and took his place next to former President Ahmad Tejan-Kabbah. The congregation was momentarily paralyzed as to what they should do. But soon not even the solemnity of the funeral service could restrain them as they burst into spontaneous applause. Yes, the man whom the notorious lie peddler had killed by vile propaganda was physically now present with the family, the Old B o Boys Association OBBA and of course the cream of the SLPP membership as well as hundreds of mourners to participate in the ceremonies. What else should the editor of the African Champion do other than to hang his head in shame if he has any moral courage?

Now back to last Friday’s dramatic event of the exit of Brima Acha Kamara from heading the Sierra Leone police. One would be tempted to add, “and into oblivion” but perhaps that may be premature as rumours begin to fly about the reason behind the President’s sudden decision. I wrote last Friday that there were other unanswered questions surrounding the affair. The police force had been headed by four people namely Acha and his deputy Benson Soumasa; Kadi Fakondor was recognized even by members of the force as THE number three. Both Soumasa and Fakondor had been assigned to Peace keeping duties in Darfur and to all intents and purposes they were expected back at the end of their assignments, in the same manner as AIG Lengor was assigned to ECOWAS and is now back home. In fact he acted temporarily as IG while Acha was away on leave. On David Tam-Baryoh’s ‘monologue’ programme last Saturday someone wanted to know Soumas’s position in the present arrangement. Has he also been sent on French leave or has he along with Kadi Fakondor been coerced to ‘voluntarily’ go into early retirement so as to make Munu’s ascendance smooth? Because of the importance of the position in the security apparatus of the country it could be assumed that Parliament would soon be recalled to approve the new nominations. If they do would the members be man or woman enough to ask the Attorney-General to explain the constitutional position involved? One is thinking immediately of the sackings of the former central Bank Governor Dr. J D Rogers and the Electoral Commissioners Winston Minah and Eddy Nyallay respectively. While one is aware of the constitutional prerogative of his Excellency, at the same time one is also aware that such prerogative must not fly high in the face of the country’s constitution.

Let it be made clear that the above opinion is NOT out of sympathy for Brima Acha Kamara’s person but to call attention to the manner in which his Excellency’s professional and political advisers apparently stand aloof while he murders the constitution. I have advised the President that the buck stops on his desk and these same people may in the future say, “After all he was the President and an executive one at that.” No one expects them to argue with the President but they could reason with him.

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  • I am not really surprised about this article, I knew the SLPP and his supporters will find a way to accuse the President of something, anything they can find. This article is just the start, next week you guys may be insinuating something else. It is good that the President does not listen to the noise that comes from your market stalls. He knows what he wants to achieve and he’s focused on achieving his objectives.

    23rd August 2010

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