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Is Being Bi-sexual the new “IT?”

Is Being Bi-sexual the new “IT?”

Certain people who pride themselves on knowing about the matters of the flesh, state that all humans, especially females, have the tendency of being bi-sexual. Apparently it spices up your love life particularly in the bedroom they argue. With so many restrictions put on society it comes as a shock to realize that not only has prostitution become au natural but bisexualism is now a common practice both on the side of males and females of society, though the majority being females; mostly teenagers and young adults.

Trying to engage several people in conversation about this new “IT,” it came as no surprise to find out that most people found it repulsive and disgusting for humans to have sex with the same gender. All the guys I spoke to denied of having sexual tendencies for their same but however suggested that women could be prone to such acts. ‘A bisexual is a dog,’ was one of the outbursts I got from asking a gentleman’s opinion. Another guy seemed perplexed that people could be so sick.  However one guy had the courage to confide in me about his…um sexual preferences. I love a woman that’s bisexual. It doesn’t matter as long as she can satisfy my own side of the quest; I let it go! “Sure I’ve had a threesome before; it just makes the sex kinkier and intense,” he claimed. Several guys continued in this same vein until I challenged them if they would consider involving their partner in a threesome; “Of course not!” they were quick to retort.

The ladies I spoke to however think that being bisexual is cool and it gives them sexual freedom. Several of them admit to having sexual intimacy with their same and like the feeling. I have a nice man that loves me but I have a girlfriend. I would love to have a threesome with them but I’m too scared to tell my man one confided.

Would I ever consider going bi? I ask myself. No, I have a man I don’t need another in the form of a woman like me; I told myself to kill the rising contagion that was crouching.

Trying to get a clearer reason as to why people engage in bisexualism, I got several answers, one of them being ‘curiosity.’ Naturally as humans we have curious minds and each day as we grow older; curiosity tends to get the better of us. With the amount of explicit materials we gather from movies, books, and songs, it’s no wonder that our minds are left open; opened to be explored. Also with the society we live in that shadows and discourages us from being sexually oriented we tend to defy rules and go against society to find out what the fuss is all about; “don’t worry its just natural,” a close male friend told me. For some it’s a one-time experience, whilst some others stay; get glued to it and not wanting to leave at all.

Another reason I gathered from some people I talked to is material benefits – most people, especially females, benefit somewhat from being bi-sexual. They have no problem going out with another woman that’s preferably rich and having a different partner. Some guys actually encourage their women to seek some financial aid from a woman that shows fondness for them. Most prostitutes make double their money by going bi as guys sometimes request a threesome and they think its an added bonus for them; the more the merrier and on.

Yet still another reason was pressed upon me which came as a bit of shock to me. Girls confided that after heartbreaks they seek comfort from a girlfriend and subsequently develop a bond that they believe is love. Apparently they date both male and female to prevent themselves from getting hurt again. They claim that once you go bi you don’t become too attached and feel free to have as much experience as you like.

A conclusion that I came to is that we all have a freaky side of us. What works for one does not work for others. Some people have no qualms making use of their freaky sides whilst some others ignore it. In a social society like the one we live in I came to the knowledge that most people are scared of acting out their fantasies and just letting go. Going bi signals instability and probably lets you make use of the dominant freak in you, but you have to be sure if that’s what you really want before you venture into it; the pains will be severe if you end up hitting the rocks.

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