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Give the new SLPA GM a chance

Give the new SLPA GM a chance

It was rather a surprise to see the amount of negative press reports attacking the person of Captain Benjamin Davies barely days after assuming office as the new General Manager of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority.

The Sierra Leone Ports Authority is one place where beyond all reasonable doubts we have succeeded in portraying our nation in the eyes of the international community as pessimists.

The SLPA is also a place where it has now been seemingly accepted as a tradition that only foreign nationals are accepted quietly. Thus a German GM headed the ports and there was no problem, and equally a Ghanaian national was brought in and also there was an acceptance.

The scenario can be likened to the attitude of dogs who might allow a human being to pass unmolested through a compound it is guarding, but the moment the dog sees another dog, then it goes into an attack mode.

Let us try to respect each other and try to maintain our own people, have trust in them where it is due, and give them the chance to work and prove their mettle.

The SLPA has been corrupted as a result of the internal political infighting. It was this infighting that has caused all the great ideas for the ports being thrown into the dustbin.

Inasmuch as no one is perfect, it is important for us to realize that some people have gone a long way to establish their names and reputation and that this reputation should not be destroyed because of personal interest.

Let us develop our nation through oneness and realize that the days of unruly behaviors and other social vices should be curtailed.

It is no secret that the SLPA has been a bastion of indiscipline. One of the greatest Sierra Leoneans, Dr. Fadlu Deen was disgraced in this same port because he wanted to bring sanity into what was and is still a clearly porous and corrupt sector.

Dr. Fadlu Deen was beaten and molested by people who are not even fit to touch his glass of drinking water and these are the social misfits that have been having a field day in the SLPA, our nation’s key gateway.

How long are we going to engage in such frivolous activity in attacking people who are only giving their own contribution to the nation’s development?

It is time for us to grow, there can only be one General Manager and for now Benjamin Davies is occupying this position.

Please give the guy a break.

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