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We gathered pieces of our past left on the fringes To pillar the memory of a nation afflicted by amnesia To stop the slide to a future traumatized like our

Our world has changedLike never before and it's so sadEvery day because our lives have changedSo much in life today and so many families sufferingLike never before and

Where were You, De Pa?   Where were you when Mama Salone was bleeding because she was politically, economically and socially raped by your predecessors who knew nothing but making fool of the

Those days, when The roar of the Lion Mountain would be heard in the whole world and the echoes would be felt in the veins of the nearest neighbours Those days, when Sierra Leone

FREETOWN Dear Freetown The earthquake of my birth Sleepless nights scar’d me to unknown lands The Inspector-General of Police chatted with robbers Who dined at my house With irons that kill   The advent dinner I

Time and againWe have metAlong some lonely footpath,Where streams meetAnd, haven’t we also talked?As loving eyes often do? Time and againWe’ve been together,Hand in hand holding each other,As inseparable

She crawled up to me like a phantom Ready to spew forth her dreaded venom That is currently a global phenomenon. You wouldn’t believe how she ssssssssshhh! I guess you need silence

She gave me my primal breath and key to life And anointed me in dainty alabaster ointment,  Ancestral fibrous roots fused nature in nurture. I quest for that refreshing Atlantic sea

In our conclusion of showcasing Jusu Jaka Yawmah (in photo), a Sierra Leonean medical student and aspiring physician currently residing in Ghana who found at the age of